Comparison and competition do not make true motivation. Convivial Circle runs not on competition, but on camaraderie, on likemindedness, on laughter and levity and honesty.

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January's topic: calendars

  • February's topic: weekly review troubleshooting
  • March's topic: motivation in the mundane
  • April's topic: laundry & life

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Plain English Policies & Procedures
  1. Although no member is required to be of a particular faith, the culture of our community is Christian, firmly committed to the authority of Scripture. Our community, however, is a place of mutual upbuilding, not doctrinal debates. Disrespect of others or of God or Scripture is grounds for us to cancel your subscription.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel the membership and remove any member who, after a warning, persists in discourteous or unethical behavior.
  3. We want everyone to participate and give as well as receive encouragement, feedback, celebration, and friendship. Our goal is to help welcome you, show you around, and make it easy to jump in and take part in the community.
  4. Everything posted in the Convivial Circle is considered private. Please do not share outside the community without express permission.