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Moms need to get things done, but we also need to be ready to drop everything for urgent needs of all sorts. If multitasking is making us crazy, how in the world can we manage life at home?

Here are some ideas.

It takes work to rest.
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I remember being so weary, so tired. There was so much to do. So much to do, in fact, that it seemed a monumental task just to decide what to do. My fatigue was compounded... Read More

5 Habits Every Mom Needs to Grow
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We established last week that even moms need to grow. We, as well as our children, are persons and must both feed and exercise our souls, bodies, minds, and hearts. But how? How much time... Read More

Growth Mindset for Moms
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Moms are all about growth. It starts with growing a new little life right inside of our own selves. The growth is in our bellies, and then it’s in our arms. We go through boxes... Read More

You Need Self-Control, Not Self-Care
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The other day as I stared into the empty bottom of my coffee mug, a movie quote jumped to mind: “I don’t want to see the bottom of this glass,” uttered desperately. It’s an early... Read More

How to Declutter Your Mind
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We all know the feeling. Your head is spinning; your mind is in overdrive. You try to multitask, putting out a fire here and remembering something else halfway though. We jump from one task to... Read More

Eat a Live Frog Every Morning
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First, some back story. I hate to admit it, but I worked for about a year at a Bible Bookstore in high school. So while driving the other day, my mind made a random weird... Read More

Declutter your head.
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Organize your attitude #52 One thing that’s bound to make us snippy and snappy is when our heads are full of details and demands. When we try to keep track of information and appointments and... Read More

Cultivate friendships.
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Organize your attitude #51 A too-oft overlooked way to brighten our attitudes and get them back on target is to talk to a friend. We are not meant to live isolated lives. We are created... Read More

5 Habits for Effectiveness
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The internet is full of self-help productivity advice. Experts give their tips. Successful people share their secrets. Article after article offers a new trick to overcome procrastination, fatigue, and listlessness. Sometimes it’s tempting to write... Read More

Develop grit.
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Organize your attitude #50 Too often, we try to get organized in an attempt to control our lives or make them easier. So then, when life does not go as expected or when it is... Read More

Eat intentionally.
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Organize your attitude #49 Yes, what we eat affects our moods. You know it. I know it. We don’t like it, but it’s true. We’re used to looking at food and it’s effects on our... Read More

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