As educators, we are doing more than teaching math and handwriting skills. We are preparing our people for life.

Let’s learn what that means so we can do our job with vision, with clarity, and with gusto.

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What Is Character? and How to Build It.
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Character is one of those words we toss around often. Too often, we do so without a clear understanding of what it is. We say we care about character, perhaps even homeschool for the purpose... Read More

5 Myths about Teaching from Rest
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Rest. You know you need it. What do you picture, when you think of yourself resting? Walks on a beach? A nap? Curling up with tea and a novel? These are lovely respites that we... Read More

How Truth, Goodness, and Beauty Fit in Real Life
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Have you ever walked into a conversation halfway through? Perhaps, unbeknownst to you, it was a conversation that had been going on sporadically between these friends for weeks or even months. It’s a fascinating conversation,... Read More

Why Call It Classical Education?
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Every once in awhile I chat with someone who wants to quibble about using the term classical education. For one reason or another, they think the label classical should be abandoned. On the one hand,... Read More