Do you have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of emails sitting there waiting for you to make a decision?

It’s exhausting, and you don’t even realize how much it’s draining you.

Get control of your inbox.

Learn the techniques and technology to manage your inbox and stay current and clear instead of cluttered and crazy.

Email is a modern day necessity, but it is so easy for it to get out of hand. Learn the tips and tricks you need to get on top and stay on top of your email inbox. Moms can’t leave the email hacks and management advice to productivity gurus. Even we need to manage our email inboxes.

This course will provide real-life, practical, down-to-earth help for stressed out and worn out women ready to get organized and take control of their responsibilities.

Maybe that will start with your email inbox.

This 5-day email-delivered course will take you from inbox insanity to inbox incredible, step by step.
  • 5 emails with definitions, shortcuts, and information.
  • 5 five-minute videos with clear instructions on what to do.
  • 5 simple steps to reclaim your inbox.
  • 5 tips to keep your inbox under control after you’ve shoveled out the clutter.
  • 1 recorded Q&A workshop and FAQ email follow-up.
I just archived 8,000 e-mails. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that. There’s something about it that made me really nervous – like if I can’t see them, I might forget about them or I might miss something – but I can’t see 8,000 e-mails anyway. I feel like my shoulders are lighter and I can breathe more deeply because my inbox now says “9.”

–Abbey Dupuy
Praise the LORD! In less than 30 minutes I've cleared my inbox! It had over 24,000 emails in it!! I thought this would take a year to empty. I could hug you. I had emails from 2005 in my inbox. Can we say procrastination? All I needed was a plan. If I can do this with a 1-year-old on my lap, anybody can.

–Rochelle Marshall

You can go from inbox-thousand to inbox-zero in five days. Join me.

Starts Monday!