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    Mystie Winckler

    Share your laundry routines! Do you fold your laundry? Roll it? Hang it? Have kids do it? Let’s share ideas and possibilities and help each other think outside the box.

    Remember: the point is to provide people clean clothes, not show off our homemaking prowess or skillz. Keep the goal in mind as you practice your laundry routines this week and keep it simple and straightforward rather than strive for “ideal.”

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    Lauren Cayer

    Is anyone else having trouble watching the replay from morning and evening routine chat? I have tried a number of times today and yesterday… Is it my connection or something else?

    For laundry – with my morning routine including it the people in my house at least have clean clothes!!! Plus they are not left in the washer to get stinky!! I now have to figure out how to get them put away as my oldest is 4 – the others can’t put theirs away… or can they!?! Lol

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      Ellen Gale

      Did you ever find out how to watch the replays? I need to watch last weeks. Thanks!

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        Lauren Cayer

        I did finally get it watched at the same site that it’s live. I’m not sure what the difference was but it did take me all morning to finish it with lots of internet interruptions. And a few kid interruptions.

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    My kids each do their own laundry. I do my husband’s and mine, plus household stuff. I have started putting our laundry on our bed. We fold it together one night a week. It’s a nice way to reconnect after a busy day and only takes 5 – 10 minutes. This also helps with it getting put away. No more folded clothes in the laundry basket for a week.

    I do need to pick a day to consistently do the kitchen laundry. Cloth napkins, towels, kitchen “rags”, etc.

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    Samantha Seymour

    My goal with laundry is to be more consistent with my 2nd laundry day. It’s never really worked to do laundry daily for us but neither does just doing it once a week anymore. My main laundry day will be Fridays- wash all bedding, towels and clothes. And on Tuesdays do any loads that need to be done. And to fold right away and not let it sit in the baskets :) I would like to have my daughter(4yr old) start to help with folding hand towels, wash clothes and putting away her laundry.

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    leona stein

    Hi ladies, I really never had any kind of successful team for laundry… May be back before the kids were born LOL. I’m open to any suggestions. Does anyone really succeed with a load a day? Washing is pretty easy bed folding and putting away. Ugh. I have two toddlers and a husband who can just barely get his things in the dirty laundry hamper, Much less hang anything up after he’s worn it :-)

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    leona stein


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    Ellen Gale

    How do I listen to this replay on Laundry? I was not able to watch it on Friday and I don’t want to fall behind.

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      I need this info as well. The first week I got a text message reminder, but I haven’t since then. How can I get those again? Thanks!

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    Nelleke Plouffe

    It’s part of my morning routine to “start laundry.” That means I get the load out of the dryer if there is one in there and bring it upstairs to be folded later, and I throw a load in the washer. I can mostly keep on top of it as long as I do a load a day. I fold and put away after breakfast during morning chores with the kids.

    We keep fairly minimal clothes to keep laundry to a minimum (four boys, about five outfits each plus underwear, socks, and one or two pairs of pajamas). This works fairly well, except that with our long cold season (fall, winter, spring) they tend to wear out their pants before it’s time to move on to summer clothes and I end up having to buy more. Still, I’d rather do that than feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes I have to wash all the time.

    Another thing…I don’t usually sort laundry. Generally all the laundry of a day fits in the washer and I throw it all in. I know this is not for everyone, but it works for me! Monday mornings I often have more laundry and then I do sort (I try to take better care of Sunday clothes, anyway.).

    I also fold laundry right next to where I put it away, and I have all the clothes in the house in the same area. If I didn’t do that, I know I wouldn’t put it away. I have no closets, just a table with two dollar store buckets for each child…one for pants, one for shirts. Undies and socks get tucked in with the pants. I fold kind of Marie Kondo style so the kids can see each item and don’t have to mess everything up just to get a bottom one.

    My main challenge with laundry is what happens if I ever get behind. Sometimes there are too many chores to tackle during morning chores with the kids before it’s time to get going with school. In that case, folding laundry is usually the first to go. Two days in a row and it’s chaos!

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      Amber Vanderpol

      What I do sounds almost exactly like what Nelleke does! The only difference is that we do store clothes in rooms, folded Marie Kondo style for adults and girls into dressers, thrown into color coded (each boy has his own color) inexpensive fabric cubes in an cube organizer for boys.

      I have 5 people in my home who can fold clothes, and everyone 5 and up puts away their own clothes. I get a load or two started in the morning, and during the course of the day someone folds it – which no one really minds because we all have our audiobooks or podcasts to listen to while we do it – and it just gets taken care of. I think it really helps not to have a lot of clothes – it is cheaper at the outset, and so much easier to maintain!

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      Mystie Winckler

      This sounds like my routine, too – but I love the bucket idea!

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    Anna Gibney

    Hello! I must say, my husband is very o op impressed with the course so far. Things slid a little over the weekend and he was a little whiny about it.

    I’m a little confused on the week 2 worksheet, are laundry and bathroom routines done when we decide the days for them, meaning we would not try to fill in all the hearts the way we do morning and evening routines?

    For laundry, I get it started and moved in the morning. The worst is kids’ clothes. They take a long time. Folding is my least favorite part, but I listen to audio books and it makes it a little better. I aim for everyday or every other day to keep laundry moving. Our other trouble spot is in wash and fold, but can’t quite get to putting them away. Sometimes we go a week of Taki g clean clothes out of laundry basketz. Oops. :)

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      Mystie Winckler

      Right – if there are days your laundry/bathroom routines don’t apply, black out the hearts so you only need to check the days you want to do those routines.

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    I have done every kind of laundry routine in the past. Every day, whenever the baskets get full, one a week…I have finally landed on twice a week. I *hate* laundry, so doing it every day was dreadful for me. The load never was fully completed because I’d forget about it or put it off until the very end of the day. I realized it’s easier for me to have two days a week where my focus is mainly laundry. I was doing it once a week, but then my husband asked if I could bump it to two days a week because he was running out of clothes still (he changes a LOT between work, school, and leisure). I wish I could go back to once a week, so that might mean investing in more clothes for him, but for now, this works–so laundry it is on Monday and Thursday!

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    Dawn Simpson

    I try to wash a load everyday. Each child has a basket with his name that clothes are put in. Mom and Dad have baskets too! Each child puts away his own clothes whether hanging up in the closet or in the drawers. The kids sort the underwear and socks load. I fold other items like shirts, etc. and put them in each child’s basket.

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    Jennifer Nelsen

    So, laundry at our house is done each day. I’m pretty good at myself and the kids, but I need to up my game on my husband’s. I do the one load a day, with minimal sorting. I do each kid’s load separately, to save me time on sorting and to make it easier for them to put away. Also, one of my children needs special soap. Except for her, I pull out jeans, underwear, and socks. As I do laundry, I pull out whites (we have very few) and cold water delicates. Each child gets their own day, and if they don’t have it in their hamper, it doesn’t get washed until the next week. Sports uniforms excluded:) Doing it this way, we often do more than a load a day, but it works for us. My husband has too many work clothes (farmer) and won’t pare down. I do his laundry in the basement 1970’s machine, so as to keep grease away from our nice clothes. I do his laundry every couple of weeks or when he runs out of jeans. He often does his own laundry too, which I appreciate, but I would like to be able to do that for him.

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    Nora Gates

    It’s worked pretty well so far for us to implement an idea my husband had- each person, aside from toddlers, has their own basket and does their own laundry, including him. We each have a day, and I have an extra day where I do the towels. I’m adding in doing sheets on the days I don’t have my own laundry to do (the days the kids/hubby do theirs.) My biggest struggle has always been folding and putting away, so now folding a load is part of my morning routine. On the mornings I’m not folding personal laundry, I’m folding the sheets (assuming there is an alternate set for that bed.) We’ll see how I feel by the end of the week, but it’s empowering to feel like I’m able to not only take care if the bare minimum without it feeling monumental, but can also give everyone clean sheets weekly, which hasn’t happened that frequently in our 11 years if marriage!

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      Nora Gates

      If anyone’s wondering, I ask my kids who are 7 and up to do their own laundry. I show them how to set the washer, add the soap and how full is full enough to not over load the washer. My oldest experimented a couple times with adding more soap, but it wasn’t a huge deal and it wasn’t a chronic problem
      We use powder Charlie’s Soap, so it’s not terribly tempting to mess around with. And then I be do my littles’ laundry, which includes the 6 and 4 yr old girl’s together, and then our baby’s whose basket I share with him. We have 5kids age 10 and under.

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    Nora Gates

    *Has-been= had

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    I love reading what everyone is doing, I’ve picked up some good tips. Some things I have done in the past, but they have fallen by the wayside.
    My washer has a timer, someone said they put laundry in at night so it would be done when they woke up… love it. Twice a week I’ll do this for kids’ clothes. I’ll put it in dryer before I leave for work (Tue-Thur) and they will be responsible for folding and putting it away during the day.
    My son is into audio books right now so “laundry and listening” will be on his things to do list.
    The rest of the week will be: My clothes on Fridays husbands clothes and towels during the weekend and sheets on Mondays.

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    I wanted to touch on something else another poster talked about. Quantity. My kids have way too much! Today’s the day; we will tackle their clothes Kon Marie style, everything to the living room in a pile so they can see exactly how much they truly have. We will be pairing down in order to keep up on the laundry!

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      Mystie Winckler

      Decluttering can help a lot with the laundry issue! If it can’t fit in the space available, it’s always going to be trouble.

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    Rachel Gray

    Laundry seems like a jumbled mess in our house! We are a family of 7. Our oldest is 7. My husband and I both run, so that adds a whole lot of extra clothes to be washed. At least one load gets done every day, but no day is the same. My husband does a lot of our laundry, as far as washing and drying goes. I fold and put away towels and my own clothes. He is responsible for his clothes. I am responsible for soiled laundry from the baby.

    Where I feel like I am winning is my kids closets. I switched all 5 of them from dressers to cube shelving. Each kiddo has 6 cube bins (1 each for bottoms, short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops, sweaters/sweatshirts, pajamas, and undies/socks/tights. When the kids laundry is dry, I sort it so each kid has their pile of clothes. They are each responsible for sorting their pile into the correct bins. I don’t require any folding! This has been a game changer! They are young (7, 6, 4, 2, 8months), so I do need to help a little bit, but that is to be expected.

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      Jillian Plomin

      I’m really interested in this cube bin laundry storage rather than dressers. How do you separate out the clothes? Like how many cubes are there and what goes in each cube? I have 4 boys sharing one (fairly large) room; this sounds like a system that might work for them, but I’ve got lots of different sizes to work with! So, tops in one bin, bottoms in another, socks/underwear/pajamas in a third?

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        Rachel Gray

        Hi, Jillian!
        6 bins for each kids:
        1. Pants/shorts
        2. Long-sleeved shirts
        3. Short-sleeved shirts
        4. Sweaters/Sweatshirts
        5. Pajamas
        6. Underwear/socks/tights

        My son has a 7th bin for church clothes. My girls usually wear dresses to church, so I have those hanging instead of in a bin.


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    We gather up our dirty laundry in the basement all week, sort on Thursday night or Friday morning, then wash/dry all day Friday. Friday nights are movie/show nights for my husband and me, as we sort clean laundry and fold it into separate baskets for each person of the family. Romantic, I know, haha! Then, on Saturdays, everyone puts away their clean clothes (I have 3 bigger kids and one toddler…Mommy puts his away for now!) and sometimes we all help put towels and things away. I love not having to think about one more chore to do EVERY day, and I kind of look forward to Thursday’s chore of sorting. The only thing I think I will try this week is spending 10minutes every day sorting that day’s dirty clothes (or having my kids help do this), so the end of the week’s sorting isn’t so time-consuming.

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    Julia Hedrick

    I try to do a load a day. Sort and wash as part of the morning routine, dry at some point later in the day, fold and put away the next morning when I add the new load. This generally keeps me on top of our regular household laundry. I am struggling right now because not only do I have a baby in cloth diapers, but my 3yo refuses to wear a pull up and often wets the bedding, so I am often adding a “stinky” load to the mix. This is where I fall behind.

    I also second the idea of cutting down on clothing in general. With three girls it is hard to really get it down to a reasonable number when they enjoy dressing up so much, but my goal is to have less than ten outfits in rotation at once. When they’re old enough to do their own laundry they can decide on their own number. :-)

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    Robin Mureiko

    I do 1-2 loads per day. It isn’t as hard as it used to be. I feel for you Julia. I had a bed wetter until the age of 12 before night time pull ups. It was so hard, but we got through it!

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    Emily Carpenter

    The routine we are currently doing for laundry (for about 2 years now) is:
    My 11yo does his own laundry from start to finish 1x a week.
    I wash delicate clothes (husband’s work clothes, church clothes, ect) on Sunday. I normally fold them with Monday’s laundry.
    Regular clothes and towels are done 3x a week on Mon, Wed, and Fri. My 5yo puts her clothes and her little sister’s clothes away. I don’t require her to fold them, but she has to put them in specific drawers for ease with dressing in the morning.
    I fold and put everything else away, although I am teaching my 2yo to separate her and her sister’s clothes into their basket. It’s a work in progress ;-) I normally wash in the evenings and fold the next day. I try not to let more than 1 day’s worth accumulate.
    When we had cloth diapers, I would wash those on Tues, Thur, and Sat.
    Laundry is probably the only homemaking chore that I don’t really mind doing.
    Oh, I also don’t separate my colors and whites. I haven’t found it to make a difference.

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      I don’t separate colors and whites either :) it goes so much quicker! I haven’t noticed a difference either :)

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    I fall off my own routine frequently, but what has worked best for me (with 4 kids) is to do one or 2 loads a day. I start it in the morning, and in the afternoon the kids help fold and put away. (Kids have bins for socks and underwear, and I allow them to not fold those. It’s all contained, and one thing I feel like isn’t really worth taking the time!) Saturday I usually need to catch up and do a couple loads, and like to use that day to tidy my laundry area and make it neat and ready for the next week.
    It has it’s times of being hard work, but I’d have to say laundry is one of my more enjoyable daily tasks! (If I keep it under control :) )

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    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the laundry chat yet, but I don’t really have a laundry “routine”. In my family of 9 I do laundry every day. My kids -8 and up- are supposed to do their own laundry on “their day”. (Each child has a day of the week that they get the extra privileges and extra chores. Sitting in the front of the car, saying the prayer, choosing their home blessing chores first, meal helper, getting the mail, etc…) In the laundry hallway we have bins to sort clothes into. If they are there, then I just take care of getting things washed. But since we have a narrow hallway (the machines are on one side and the laundry dirty clothes bins are on the other) I have no place to fold clothes. Once they are dry I carry them into the front room and dump them on the couch. Then the kids and I all work together to get it folded and put away. (Although putting away is where I fall down. I’ll have the kids take their clothes up to their rooms, so they’ll leave the front room, but they don’t always get into their drawers. I need to get better at checking to make sure that they actually completed the chore…)
    That’s going to be my step this week: checking to make sure the clothes get all the way put away.

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    Bekah Sagar

    We moved in March and I knew I had to develop a new routine fast because we were going from a house with a laundry chute that goes from 2nd floor and 1st floor to basement. This house has two stories and laundry still in basement so I knew I needed a system to get it down there consistently. I very rarely sort unless it’s something that hasn’t been washed before. We just do everything on warm, actually, and I’ve never had a problem. Ok maybe twice in 14 years. :) Right now we have something I think is working, at least so far. One basket in upstairs bathroom and one at top of basement steps outside the boys’ room and off the kitchen. So the kitchen towels and boys’ things go in that one and get taken down every morning by my 10 yr old. Then he takes anything out of the dryer to fold and delivers to each person’s door. My 7 yo takes the one down from upstairs, and starts the load. I put another basket upstairs in the girls room that ideally gets emptied into the one in bathroom but not everyday. They needed one in there to have less clothes ending up on the floor. My 12 yr old will reboot the laundry (clothes to dryer)and fold and deliver anything that’s left. Sheets are on Monday’s, trying to get to every other week plan with those. Upstairs beds one week and downstairs beds the next. So far I’m happy! We do need to pare down more clothes though for ease of putting away bc that’s where we get gummed up. Going to try a daily “put away clothes and party” before lunch. It might involve blasting Michael Jackson. (Why do the kids like Michael Jackson so much? Ah well.)

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    Candace Marshall

    Our drain field only allows us to do two loads a day. My kids do their own washing/drying on Mon. and Tues. then in the afternoon they each fold/hang and put away their cloths except for the three-year-old. I wash my husband and I’s cloths on Wed. Then washrags and such are Thurs. Friday-Sunday is as needed like towels and bedding.

    I am great at getting stuff washed and dried; however, when it comes to folding and putting away I am terrible. Also, ironing . . . we better not go there. I know if I have a good book or a podcast to listen to then the folding and such aren’t so bad. Setting the time aside–well not so good at that.

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    Kirsten DiPuma

    I’m really enjoying the wide variety of ideas showing up here – it’s so evident that each family’s style and needs are unique, and we shouldn’t all try to be “cookie cutters” just going along with someone else’s plan if it doesn’t work for us!

    We have four kids (almost 6, 4, 3, and 2; girl/boy/girl/boy) and the boys LOVE throwing dirty laundry down the stairs every morning, then getting it to my large laundry hamper by the washing machine, so that helps motivate me to at least have it gathered and contained. I’m taking note of how many loads I actually wash this week to see if a 2-days-a-week wash routine might work pretty well, as I’m not good at getting the load-a-day completely processed. I can keep it moving and get it all done in a day if that’s my focus, but we need it done more than once a week… :-)

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    Jillian Plomin

    My biggest laundry hang up (he, he) is ironing. My husband is allergic to it, but he wears dress shirts to work and they really must be ironed. I end up not doing it for ages and then he’s finally out of shirts after re-wearing them several times…*sigh* I’m thinking I’ll re-arrange some things in the laundry room to allow the ironing board to be accessible all the time so I don’t have to get it out, set it up, find the iron, plug it in, etc. etc.

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    Lacey Heinz

    I haven’t had a chance to read through this thread yet, but wanted to share mine since I’ll be away from the laptop for a few days as we travel.

    I read “Large Family Logistics” a few years ago and it was great. I took her laundry suggestions to heart for the first year, but have now tweaked it to a plan that works for us.

    Anyone over the age of 7 does their own laundry, except my hubby. Monday is laundry day here and my 8 and 9 year olds wash, transfer, dry, fold, and put away their own clothes. I do my husband’s work clothes, my clothes + his non-work clothes, as well as our two toddlers clothes on Mondays. The rest of the week, the washer is used for non-clothes items: towels, kitchen wipes, bedding, icky undies (potty training underway), etc etc. I’ve added it up to be 14 loads a week on average, with the first 6 or 7 being done every Monday.

    I’m sprinting on the laundry treadmill today because we’re packing, but Friday AM will be another story and I’ll have to work hard to keep my attitude from spiraling down the 2-year-old-tantrum rabbit hole.

    Look forward to reading through these in the coming days.

    God Bless!

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    I have tried a few different things, but this is what works best for me. We are a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 kids. We have 3 hampers upstairs, one in the bathroom, one in my older son’s room (age 10) and one in the master bedroom. I plan to get one for my youngest son (age 6). I do 1 load every day. Our washer and dryer are in the basement and we have a folding table next to them. Under the table top is a space where I put 2 baskets. I start a load in the morning when I am in the basement feeding our cats. Before we leave to go somewhere, I put it in the dryer. As part of my evening routine, I fold the laundry and organize it by person and also which drawer the items go in. I put it all in 1 basket to go upstairs. In the past, I had 1 basket for each person, but this was too much for me. I put my older son’s clothes on his bed and he puts them away and I am going to start having my younger son put his away too. Everyone is responsible for putting their own clothes in the hamper. I put mine and my husband’s laundry away. In the morning, I take everything from the hampers and put them into the empty basket. My older son started dumping his basket into the bathroom basket on his own. I take the basket downstairs in the morning when I feed the cats. I sort as I pull items from the basket. If I am doing towels then I put them right into the washer and put the darks into the designated basket under the folding table. I hang my husband’s work clothes and we have a rack next to the folding table. We are working on clearing out a closet so these items can eventually go in there instead of hanging on the rack. I am hoping to get my children more involved with the washing/drying/folding, but this is what I have going so far.

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    Michelle Herness

    We have six kids and since we bought a super capacity washer, it has been fairly easy to keep up with laundry compared to before. I used to do 20 loads a week and now I do half that. My teenage girls usually do their own, so I have three boys, my husband and my laundry to do. I have a laundry helper assigned to me that will help with some of the laundry tasks. Each person is responsible for putting away their own laundry. My youngest is 5 now, so it works well. I sort/stain treat clothes in the morning and I usually throw in a load when I have a full basket ready to go. I have certain days for bedding, towels, rags, etc. Right now I have been doing more loads because the kids are in soccer and I throw a load in if they need a clean uniform. This is the one area I feel I am not drowning in! (Except, sometimes I am not good about enforcing that everyone gets their clean clothes put away and we don’t have a couch to sit on. :(

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    Tracy Ojeda

    My laundry system right now consists of my two older boys(15, 14) wash their laundry along with my 11 year old boy’s. My 18 yr old daughter washes hers and her 8 yr old sister’s. I do my husband’s, mine and my 3 yr old’s. But the boys are constantly rewashing clean clothes, not putting them away and letting it pile up. Seems the same with my girls. For myself, I am pretty good about doing a few loads a week so that helps. I think everyone needs to pare down clothing and a better storage solution. The 3 boys share a room and so do the 2 girls. It’s a mess! My goal is 2 loads a day, with it getting actually put away.

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    Mary Beth Warner

    Right now what’s working for me is to start a load first thing most mornings and somedays I do a second load, too. My kids help me switch it during the day. We have 6 in our family. Depending on our schedule either that afternoon or the next morning my preschooler and I sort the clean laundry by owner and then each person folds and puts away their own laundry. (This means I can’t care too much how neat they each keep their own drawers.) I help the preschooler and take care of mine and my husband’s. In the past it’s been challenging when we don’t promptly get it folded and then can quickly end up with 8 loads to fold on the weekend, which is overwhelming for everyone.

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    Lauren Cayer

    I loved reading this thread!! As a person drowning in laundry with no real system – I am going to see how many loads I actually do in a week and wash and dry one morning and fold/ put away the next and maybe start another cycle if needed. Such a relief to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And yes, here’s to pairing down on clothes!! How can the dirty bins be full, the washer and dryer full and clean basket full with clothes falling out of dressers… finally realized why I’m drowning. Must learn how to politely decline hand me down…

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    MaryAnn Stroven

    When the 5 kids were little I did a couple of loads of laundry a day. I was just constantly doing laundry. When some of the kids were old enough, I gave them their own laundry day. On that day I would work with them to sort, wash, dry, fold & put away their own laundry. As each child was capable, I added a day for them. The caveat was the sporadic washing of sports & dance clothes when they were teens. Eventually, We had 4 “kid days”, one mom & Dad day and one sheets & bedding day per week. Then kids began leaving for college. Now I do my husband’s & my laundry on Friday, sheets, towels etc on Saturday and my son’s when he runs out of clothes.

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    Tammy Metz

    Our laundry routine in a family of 11:
    I try to gather laundry in the evening after kids have put their pajamas on. With the exception of the oldest (19) we do everyone’s laundry together. We do not sort. We just put a reasonably sized load in. I will usually ask a kid to shuffle it. If the day is hot and there is a willing kid or two we will hang clothes on the line. When the laundry is dry I put it on the dining room table. Someone will usually come by and fold it. Interestingly if we keep the dry laundry in the laundry room (about 20 steps away from the dining room) it doesn’t get folded 🤔. Then we will call out names for people to come get their clothes. Shirts that need ironed go into sewing room. DD14 gets paid to iron. Once a week someone gets their bedding washed and once a month we wash all of the kid towels. DD19 does her own laundry. We are rarely caught up and we do about 3 to 4 loads a day on a normal day.

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    My laundry routine has been simplified by converting our laundry area into our family closet. We actually don’t have a large laundry room. It’s just a room with four doors (to the garage, a bathroom, the kitchen and outside). Since we never used this random side door to go outside, we blocked it with industrial steel shelves from Costco. We have two shelving units that house our clothes and extra toiletries/paper towels/etc…Each unit has four large shelves and each child’s clothes fit onto one shelf. We have to be choosy so the clothes will fit. I use two of the shoebox size sterilite containers to house pjs, socks and underwear. Then, I bought sliding baskets from Costco that are made for the shelves. They each have a stack of pants, shorts, l/s shirts and s/s shirts. They wear button down shirts frequently and those fit nicely hanging from the second shelf. Behind the hanging clothes I pile up outgrown items as they are outgrown for the next boy. As for upkeep, I put the clothes immediately away as I take them out of the dryer and this has rescued me from the piles of laundry that were never put away. There’d always be a baby sleeping in the rooms in the bedrooms, so I couldn’t put the clothes away any time and then it just never happened. I know everyone can’t have a family closet, but it sure works for us! I send our boys to the laundry room to change clothes, so it lessens the need for rounding up dirty ones from hampers. However, I do have a rolling basket from Target that lives in a cubby behind the main bathroom door and the boys drag it to the laundry room for me throughout the week as it fills up. I feel great having laundry started first thing in the morning; knowing it’s working for me while I do other jobs is great motivation. I do bedding on Mondays, but otherwise I just go with the flow. I have to keep up since there isn’t space to hold more than a tall hamper… and a rolling basket balanced on top. ;)

  • #27927

    Megan Saben

    What is working for me this week (because I might switch it up next week) is doing laundry for my husband, the baby and me on Monday. On Tuesday, the other four boys each have one simple job (sorting, collecting hangers), and then are assigned a load for the group: whites, colored, or jeans. Hopefully by the end of Wednesday those loads will be finished. I wash sheets, towels, rags, etc. as needed.

  • #27928

    Helen Mantooth

    Laundry isn’t my issue usually (except keeping my dryer top cleaned)–I do it like my mom did- on Mondays- but I stretched it out- 2 loads Sunday evening and the rest of clothes on Mondays- I love to hang them up to dry in summer, which takes longer- but slows me down and gets me outside. Towels and bedding are Tue/Wed. My kids get to watch a show in the evening and they sort and fold their own (usually without too much fighting/throwing clothes)and put them away (right away, but my teens have slacked to Monday morning of the next week when I need the baskets (which means I have slacked at follow up)….truth be told I am not sure I can do this challenge- I haven’t even gotten my am/pm routine done twice in a row b/c crazy schedule and we started a week “behind” – haven’t finished my HS year yet, I signed up for VBS coord. else it wouldn’t have happened and my kids so enjoy it- my brain dumps are overwhelming and I feel like running backwards on a treadmill- if I can’t get caught up, then I wanna run away from it all…not a quitter- just a bad day w/o good nights sleep (again) and little support b/c I can’t be the organized person I was/want to be……..I WILL try again tomorrow, can’t get much worse! For the glory of God is a motto I like to say, but NOT happening- this isn’t the best version of me and I can’t fight the 2-year old inside of me today–battle lost, but can still win the war,right?…..thanks for letting me share.

  • #27938

    Megan Jakeway

    maybe nobody will read this, but I started sorting, but not folding clean clothes because little ones would dump them on the floor and throw them around. I like to speed-sort a basket, arranging it from left to right as the youngest to oldest person. Then fold my and hubby’s and baby/toddler clothes, let the others do their own (or not). My 8 yo daughter enjoys doing laundry, so that is a great blessing; I just need to watch so she doesn’t get overloaded herself.

  • #27939


    Laundry is one of the things that is actually running pretty smoothly at our house right now. (We lived overseas in the tropics with no dryer for 15 years, and line-drying laundry in the tropics was the bane of my existence. Especially the years we were doing cloth diapers. This may factor into why laundry is one of those tasks that doesn’t feel that bothersome to me now. Two years later and I’m still totally enamored with my dryer. :P)

    Anyhow, we are a family of 5, kids ages 7-11 (so no more diapers/babies/toddlers). I run clothes twice a week – it’s shifted a little bit, but currently Monday and Thursday. Usually 2 loads is sufficient (we have a high-capacity washer), occasionally need to do three. It’s part of my morning routine to check the laundry status and gather and start the first load. The laundry room is right off the main part of the house, so it’s not too hard to remember to go and shift loads throughout the day on a laundry day. I save all the folding for the evening after the kids have gone to bed and give myself an excuse to watch an episode of a show on Netflix while I’m doing it. Lately, I’ve started letting my oldest (11yo) stay up and help me. I go put my stuff away right away, she takes the kids’ basket upstairs and delivers each child’s laundry to their room to be put away/hung up in the morning. I do a towel load once a week – during the school year my kids swim twice a week, so after the second swimming day each week I’d gather all the swimming stuff, including towels, and throw all the bath towels in with it and run them through. This is suffering a little bit in the summer since our swimming is just for fun at the moment and therefore less scheduled, but we’re muddling for now and will get back to that routine when their swimming program resumes because it worked so well. Kitchen towels, dishcloths, and cleaning rags get thrown into a bucket in the laundry room and tossed in with whatever load I happen to be doing next. We don’t have any fancy or special care clothing, so mostly things just get tossed in all together without much problem (do sometimes separate lights/darks if I have things that are likely to bleed.)

    Sheets are another story. I probably need to assign these to a certain schedule, because I tend to forget about doing them until I notice they are getting kind of stale….

  • #27940


    I do great starting the load, it’s the switching it to the dryer (I get busy and forget), and then the taking it out of the dryer, folding it, and putting it away that we struggle with. I finally bought four small baskets and each person’s responsible for putting away their laundry (hubby and I share a basket). This week I’ve finally started setting a timer reminder on my phone so the load doesn’t sit in the washer (or the dryer) forgotten.

  • #27951

    Jen Steed

    Laundry is one of the few things I have pretty well under control. I mostly do my laundry on one day (Tuesday) because at a single load a day, I would forget. I don’t forget kitchen linens because I’m usually out. Ditto for bath towels and without fully taking care of the sheets we would have to dig another set out of the back of the closet for everyone (a huge production — on purpose ;D).

    M – kitchen/cleaning linens
    T – adult laundry (2-3 loads)
    W – kid laundry (littlest ones)
    Th – Bath towels & 9 year old does her laundry
    F – wash sheets and put right back on bed

    The kids put their own laundry away…for better or worse. They are 3, 6, & 9. The 9 year old does all her own from start to finish. The 6 & 3 year old are required to put it in the correct drawers. Generally, I don’t care if they fold it. Because in getting out clothes they tend to unfold everything anyway. I tried KonMari-ing it, but it never stayed that way. I’d rather they get dressed themselves than be breathing down their necks about keeping tidy dressers; it’s not a battle I chose to fight. Clean & away is better than perfect for me.

    They have tidy dressers at times (usually when I swap seasons, I will do it all for them) so sometimes, they will reorganize their dressers and fold things. But that’s on them.

    Anyway, this works for us. Even hubs doesn’t mind it and he has always been pickier about housework than I.

  • #27980

    Crystal Eubanks

    Laundry is one of those routines I feel pretty good about. I do laundry 2 days a week, Monday’s and Thursday’s. Monday & Thursday morning the kids empty their baskets into the basket in my room and then I carry it to the laundry room. I then sort and wash. I won’t start another load unless I know I can fold the load that’s in the dryer. I can’t stand to iron, so leaving the clean clothes piled in baskets drives me batty. I won’t take it out of the dryer unless I know I can fold it. Then I fold the clothes and the kids put theirs away and I put mine and my husband’s away. One trick that I’ve learned is to wash towels last, that way when they sit in the dryer until the next laundry day it’s an easy fold and I can go ahead and start a load without having to mess up my self imposed rule! :)

  • #28145

    Holly Truitt

    I do clothes on weekends. So my kids are supposed to bring their dirty clothes to laundry room and sort it Friday am. I start a load Friday if I can and then continue it to Sunday night. During the week we concentrate on towels, bed sheets and any emergency washing. I do not even worry about laundry during the week. One of the kids will keep towels going during the week. We dry in dryer.

  • #28168

    Rahime Ting

    I feel like I’m constantly doing laundry with just 2 kids, my husband, myself and our 2 dogs, but I’m constantly hung up on FOLDING. I hate it, so I end up piling many loads up and folding about once or twice a week (usually while listening to a podcast b/c that’s the way I’ve learned I can be most productive and get the jobs done which I most dislike). I probably do about and average of 1.5-2 loads per day, don’t really sort colors much unless there’s something that I think will bleed (a couple pairs of jeans…though I try to avoid buying things like that in the first place), wash cloth diapers and towels/sheets/dog beds/etc in hot, but all of our clothes in cold.

    One thing I’ve never understood, though, and I’ll ask here as a number of people have mentioned it is how/why having a minimal amount of clothes would translate into keeping laundry to a minimum? Doesn’t it just mean you have to do it more often (and maybe smaller loads)? I have heard this from a number of places before too and it always baffles me. You still have to wash and dry and fold the same number of pieces per week, right?

  • #28213


    I try to limit the number of items because although you are correct in that I have to do laundry more frequently, I don’t have as much to do. If I let my kids have an unlimited number of clothing items when they finally decide they need something washed, its an all day event. It also causes mess. Because they decide not to wear “this” shirt three times, now there are three shirts on the floor and they are wearing one. That makes four shirts to be washed. For me, I limit the number of sheets and towels as well. They each have their own set of towels, and my son has two sets of sheets and my daughter three (she’s a teen).
    So to answer
    “You still have to wash and dry and fold the same number of pieces per week, right?” No, I have less to wash each week when I keep the number of items each person has limited.

  • #28217

    Rahime Ting

    Ah!!! I see. I don’t let my kids change 3x a day (or don’t wash the still-mostly-clean clothes if they do), but they are still very young (2 and 5.5), haha! And they don’t get to decide they need something washed if it is dirty…though I pretty much wash everything within a day or two of it hitting the laundry pile…it’s folding that kills me.

    I think if we had fewer clothes we would still have the same laundry routines…but I’m not sure.

  • #28544

    Mallory Drake

    I have found that sorting the clothes after they have dried into smaller and smaller piles has helped. For example, if I have a load of towels, dish towels, hand towels, then I will divide them down to each category for folding, each with their own little “pile.” I then make it a point to fold and put away each little pile in its entirety. I have a 1 year old, so I get interrupted a lot. This has made it easier to get things done because I don’t have halfway jobs all over, I fully complete one little pile in its entirety at a time.
    It sounds a little crazy now that it is down in print, but it truly helps me and makes me feel more productive! And I actually finish all of my laundry quicker!

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