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    Mystie Winckler

    My favoritest way to get extra jobs done is to assign them to children as a consequence. This doesn’t start working well until they’re 9+, but it’s the perfect thing for double-digit kids who need “practice.” :D

    Let’s brainstorm together extra jobs the kids can do. I keep a list in Evernote so I can skim through it quickly to find the best one for the child in question and the current status.

    Often on Saturdays we’ll also have an extra job before they can be off and play. I pull from the same list, but they’re paid. :)

    Here are some of my favorites:

    * dust chairs
    * wipe down trim
    * dust piano
    * vacuum stairs
    * vacuum hall
    * scrub mudroom floor
    * mop (pick one room)
    * vacuum bedroom
    * wash windows

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    Helen Mantooth

    some of our extra chores not listed are: light switches, door knobs, craft closet floor,sort shoes into correct bins, clean youngest siblings room, wipe down dining room chairs/stools, wiping down kitchen appliances/cabinets….for spring/fall chores, we have a chart and they get to pick either a room to do or a thing to clean in each room.

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    I just was thinking that extra chores would be a great consequence for disrespect. Child chooses to dishonor parents will now practice honoring by helping out. Thanks for the list. I’ll add washing walls in dining room stairway (magic eraser is pretty magical). Washing windows. Wiping door frames. Any other ideas out there?

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    My list is short, because my children are all pretty small (6yo girl –highly responsible, 4yo boy and 3yo boy who are quite typical :D).

    1. Help little brothers with small tasks on request when I am very busy, not too often.
    2. Wash, rinse and load dishwasher after each meal. I must stand watch over them for this because of my boys, but it still helps. My 6 yo could do this alone, but the boys must learn.
    3. Small area wet mopping with the Swiffer (hacked, so that the pad and bottle are reusable). Everyone can do this chore and loves it. When the 3yo does it I must stand by with a towel for the slippery floor.
    4. Pick up toys from the yard so that our dog will not chew them up. The older two can do this.
    5. Wipe the Bathroom counters and sinks with Clorox wipes. The 6yo is able to do the toilet as well.
    6. Use tiny broom and dustpan for little messes. We’re still learning this, it’s a bit awkward for the smaller ones.
    7. Fill water bottles with home made electrolyte drink before a walk (the 6yo).
    8. Set the meal table, lots of help for the under 6’s. Independent for my big girl.
    9. They can make their own beds. The oldest can clean her entire room.
    10. Pick up ‘wandering’ toys and books with direction. These are supposed to stay in the toy-room. :)

    I have a question. I’ve added up my accumulated minutes for simple daily routines, and it is a bit more than 2 hours. Mytie’s was about an hour. Should I need to seriously reconsider my priorities, or is this the way of it with three small ones? :) Thanks!

    Lastly – we are less than 6 months in our first home and I am a little amazed at how much more work it is than an apartment!

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