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    Mystie Winckler

    I’m sure we could all generate a list a mile long of things we could do in our own rooms, but what are the top three tasks that, if you did, you’d breathe easier and smile whenever you enter your room?

    For me it was clearing and arranging that dresser behind me in the Q&A today. Feels so good to have that catch-all space orderly enough to be a video backdrop! If I’d known that was in the future, I wouldn’t have painted our bedroom orange 6 years ago (makes me look sickly), but I do enjoy it otherwise. :)

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    Lois Kendall

    I started with clearing one dresser about a year or two ago. Then maintaining that. Then another. Then my husband started cleaning his up. Slowly, we have grown in the habits of picking up after ourselves and each other. Neither of us was very tidy to start, and we’ve taken turns having a growth spurt in cleanliness and being annoyed by the other :)… Turns out, you’re married a really long time… Long enough to grow. :) I should ask him if there’s anything in there that’s bugging him now.

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    Samantha Seymour

    Over the last month the master bedroom has become a storage area in the closet but its spilling over. I would like to declutter and finish organizing so I can close the closet doors. Making my bed every morning as part of my morning routine has really helped!

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    Michelle Franklin

    I just recently PURGED my closet. Big time. My top three things I do in my bedroom to make it cozy:

    1. Make bed
    2. Keep surfaces dusted (my upstairs is super dusty)
    3. Keep laundry folded and put away. (I have an old kitchen table in my room for just the purpose of folding. All the bedrooms are upstairs and it makes putting away easy to fold on the same floor. Also, the table keeps it off my bed. ? )

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    My top three would be:

    1. Make bed
    2. Nightstands tidied
    3. Everything cleaned up on the floor of the closet

    The first one gets done every morning, but my nightstand tends to be my “catch all” space for anything I don’t want the kids to get into. Needless to say, it gets full pretty quick! That along with a two-foot pile of books stacked on there–it needs some help!

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    My top 3 are:

    1. Make Bed

    2. Pick up clothes off the floor, put my work-socks into their basket

    3. Tidy the horizontal surfaces…

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    Emily Brown

    My top 3 are:

    1. Clear off dresser (and keep it that way!)
    2. Keep hope chest cleaned off
    3. Tidy bedside table and surrounding area

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    My bedroom is probably the most neglected room in our house. It doesn’t get as bad as other rooms and it’s out of sight. When it’s clean and orderly, it’s much more relaxing! I moved one of our old couches into our room so that we had a cozy spot… and honestly a spot for night-wakers. It easily collects junk and clutter. So I want to incorporate keeping it cleared and ready for use!

    My Top Three
    -Keep headboard shelves cleared/dusted
    -Keep couch cleared

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    Crystal Eubanks

    My top 3 would be:

    1. Make the bed.
    2. Put the giveaway pile that’s on the floor in a garbage bag and give it away!
    3. Clear the dressers of all the clutter.

    Thanks to this challenge…all 3 of those things got done this week!!

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    Uuugh…I failed miserably at this challenge this week. I also have piles of books that I’m currently “reading” on my dresser and nightstand. The absolute hardest thing for me is keeping the dresser and nightstand de-cluttered and dusted. We also have a dusty upstairs bedroom, which happens to be the smallest room in the house as well. Our two girls share a room, so we actually gave them what was probably supposed to be the “master” bedroom, and we took the smaller “guest room”. That being said, our bedroom gets cluttered VERY easily with all of the stuff that doesn’t have a home in the kids’ rooms. My dresser, in particular, gets all the junk. My husband also has a chest of drawers and a nightstand which are very cluttered, and a bunch of shoes that are lined up along the edge of the wall on his side, ’cause there’s no room in the closet for them! I am far more messy than he, but I think my bad habits have rubbed off on him in the 10 years we’ve been married. But if I clean my side, he quickly gets annoyed with his side and straightens it up. So I definitely have to take the lead here, which I haven’t done (sigh). My main issue is decision fatigue/anxiety. I get so anxious over where to put things and whether to keep or get rid of them (the “we could always use this for…” syndrome). Because of this, I don’t even start. That’s definitely what happened to me this week. Help!!!

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    My top three tasks for our room are Make Bed, Tidy Side Tables, and Clear Dresser-top.

    If I could have a fourth, it would be to take care of the laundry piles. For awhile I only accumulated a teensy bit of laundry on the floor that could easily be folded and put away during my morning 5min bedroom tidy. But now! I have encountered a problem with the laundry which is spilling into the bedroom thing. Maybe…I stop putting the loads of clean laundry in there. ;)

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