My husband and I both grew up homeschooled and now are homeschooling our five children.

We homeschool classically; that is, we believe education is a training in Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Education encompasses all of life and not only the work on a checklist or what we do from breakfast-lunch in the mornings. More than studying Latin and literature (which we do), classical education is about pursuing it all in order to grow in virtue.

What is this project we’ve undertaken?

What We Use

Real-Life Homeschooling Days


Circle Time Information

Some people call it Morning Time, some people call it Basket Time, some people call it Circle Time. It is a time we all gather round the table together to focus on truly soul-shaping, relationship-forming practices. It is as good for myself as it is for the children.

Organization & Practicalities

yearly homeschool planning