Homeschooling is an art, not a formula.

We don’t need more tricks or tools;
we need help coping & keeping up.

Homeschooling is important work. That is precisely why it is exhausting, perplexing, and sometimes downright hard.

We are both mom and teacher, comforter and instructor, cuddler and slave-driver.

It’s no wonder we’re tired at the end of the day.

It’s no wonder that when it’s time for a new day to begin, sometimes we don’t even want to.

Too often, we

  • give in to a sluggish feeling and grow more and more apathetic and listless.
  • get locked into unproductive arguments with our children over their work.
  • give up on our plans in discouragement.
  • greet each morning with a grimace instead of a game-face.

These are mindset problems, mental attitude obstacles. They won’t be fixed with a new curriculum, a new checklist, or a new schedule.

Instead, we need an attitude shift.

It’s true that mom’s attitude impacts the whole “school” when you’re all at home, so being reminded of the simple ways to shift focus and choose a right attitude is so helpful! The Art of Homeschooling has taught me how to set my mental tone for the day! Kristen D.

homeschool mom

With the right perspective we can

  • get ourselves moving in the morning.
  • handle our children’s fussing and frustration.
  • hold our course through temptations and trials.
  • still smile, even when it’s hard.

Build a new, stronger perspective with concrete practices.

You don’t need more information, you need tangible, concrete ways to put into practice what you know to be true.

That’s what The Art of Homeschooling is all about.

What you get:

  • 5 modules in an easy to navigate blog-like structure
  • audits to examine and assess your homeschool 
  • short but meaty audio and text lessons
  • motto and quote pages to strengthen your mindset
  • ideas for putting big-picture hopes and ideals into practice with real kids in real life
  • forums to discuss ideas and troubleshoot practices with likeminded moms
Limited Time!

Repent. Rejoice. Repeat.

Six-Week Live Accountability Program

  • Weekly checklists.
  • Extra encouragement by email.
  • Daily texts.
  • Weekly troubleshooting chat.

February 19-March 29, 2019.


included for all Art of Homeschooling participants.

Change the mood and the message of your homeschool.

Take charge without bossing.

Motivate and be motivated.

Practice the art of homeschooling.


Beat procrastination. Learn motivation. Stop complaining – both theirs and yours.