You can do it!

We have been homeschooling for over eight years without a schoolroom. It’s not only due to lack of space. If I really thought we needed it, I could rearrange. I could turn our dining room into a school room. I could turn the play room into a school room. I could turn the nook off the kitchen into a school room.

I could, but I don’t.

Not only do I want to use those spaces differently, I prefer our home not having a dedicated school space. I prefer our home to be, well, homey and hospitable, without a hack timeline on the dining room wall.

I also love that our home atmosphere – with it’s lack of a schoolish sort of room – communicates that learning is a part of normal life. It’s not something to cordon off into a separate area. It weaves into everyday.

The only thing that announces to the world that we homeschool is that every room of our house is overrun with books.

What we need is adequate storage and good habits to make homeschooling work.

This series will show you how I do that:

Homeschool Without a Schoolroom Series