You already know what you need to do.

  • You need to pray every morning, but you forget.
  • You need to drink water and move, but coffee and couch crashing is easier.
  • You need to create and learn, but there’s no time.
  • You need to show your kids love and affection, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle that frazzles and frustrates.

Ugh. Can we give up now? Or maybe this new year we’ll wake up and be different?

Plant and water the habits that will build you up, not tear you down.

We all have habits that hinder us rather than help us.

Whether it’s eating chocolate when we’re stressed or staring at our phone to procrastinate or tune out of the present, intense moment, we have ways of coping that are unhealthy.

Worse yet, we think of those bad habits as survival strategies and turn to them to give ourselves a break, only to find ourselves feeling worse instead of better.

If you find yourself

  • starting the day groggy
  • ending the day discouraged
  • needing to recharge and not knowing how
  • zoning out on your phone as a “break”
  • beginning a new eating plan instead of sticking to anything
  • unmotivated to exercise, eat right, or read

then you need accountability and baby steps, not new plans or new knowledge.

All of these issues come down to bad habits that need breaking and new habits that need building.

Motivation is strong with the new year, but how long does motivation last? It rarely lasts through the whole day – sometimes not even through the morning.

Willpower is a limited resource, and every time we start anything – breakfast, school – even a shower! – takes a bite out of our willpower reserves.

Yet, there’s a way to beat these limitations: Habit.

Don't give up on growth. Start with seeds, not transplants. Build the habits of discipline that will bear fruit over the long haul - join others doing the same.

Want to start the new year with a new approach?

Our tendency is to want to start whole-hog with a brand new lifestyle on Monday morning. Successful habits – and therefore lifestyles – are not built that way. They are built one step at a time, with small win building upon small win.

No more crash-and-burn.

Humble Habits – a six-week live class with accountability – is for moms who want to build incremental, long-lasting growth.

For moms who are tired of faulty habit plans, of too-high expectations, and of continued failure – Humble Habits will turn the tables and make your habit plan work for you at last.

Instead of starting with a lofty, life-changing plan, together we’ll take mini, modest steps that are manageable and that will teach us how to make lasting, lifelong change.

I’m Mystie Winckler, author of my signature, life-changing course Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done and this new 6-week accountability program, Humble Habits. I homeschool my five kids, keep many project plates spinning, and love the fact that my husband works from home.

For years I have fallen into the trap of thinking all I needed was the right plan, the right resolve, the right motivation to turn over a new leaf, jump on the best bandwagon, and finally be who I wanted to be. I’d make the list, set myself up for success, have a good day, and then utterly fail the next day.

Reading habit experts like Charles Duhigg, James Clear, and B.J. Fogg, as well as Gretchen Rubin, Chip & Dan Heath, and numerous others, helped me see why my plans kept failing: they were always too big, too unrealistic, or too vague – or all three!

After experimenting with different pieces of advice and patterns of implementation from these sources and others, I’ve brought their insights into the homeschooling, homemaking mom-world — which is worlds apart from that of business advice, motivational speakers, and fitness experts.

Moms might have different priorities and different lingo, but we have just as much need for strong habits of personal growth because our actions are the loudest, most effective teaching moments we give our kids.

Humble Habits is a 6-week live course delivered by email, helping you build the habits you need for health, happiness, and a humming home. Sound grandiose and unrealistic? That’s because we’re too used to jumping to big change, when it’s the little things, done consistently, that give us the biggest payoff. It’s the linchpin habits that make further growth and change possible.

To go far, start with the small wins. Be the tortoise, not the hare.

Although I have not taken your courses, I’ve learned so much. I finally got a handle on what the weekly review was a few weeks ago and today marks week 3 of doing a Saturday morning or afternoon weekly review. I am really enjoying this time! Thank you for so generously sharing your insights with me!

Terah M.

Thank you for taking the time to write concisely and beautifully.


I am loving your classes! Thanks for your sweet spirit!

Robin M.

I so appreciate your thoughts, insights, and encouragement. We so need spurring on from others in this path of following Christ. It is not an easy road.

Erin Z.

Humble Habits will guide you through building 5 key habits:

  • prayer to feed your soul
  • movement to fuel your body
  • reading to fill your mind
  • self-talk to focus your attitude
  • smiling to fortify your relationships

Each of these habits start with a small seed, planted and watered before growth and fruit can be expected.

Humble Habits will help you start small with a weekly checklist that outlines

  • the baby step – habit seed – to take first
  • the brain dump to uncover your resistance and motivation
  • the personal plan forward after the baby step habit seed has been planted

But more than this checklist or the twice-weekly motivational emails, Humble Habits will help you overcome resistance and stagnation through accountability and smart, small habit-seeds.

  • daily motivation texts (or emails)
  • check-ins (by text or email)
  • weekly troubleshooting chats

text, audio, & video

get the material in the form you like best, with email, worksheets, essays, audio, and live chats


no surface solutions or quick fixes here - you get meaty, workable answers that fit real life at home with kids

get the support you need

stop trying to go it alone and get the backup and step-by-step help you need

For less than the price of a coffee each week, Humble Habits will help you break through your barriers by showing you how to start smaller, not bigger. And I promise a better productivity high after a week of this program than the caffeine will give you. If not, I'll give you your money back (something you can't get if the coffee doesn't kick you into gear).

We all want the shortcut, the massive overhaul that just happens like the flip of a switch, but that's not how habits work and that's not how growth - of any kind - happens. Our pride makes us bite off more than we can chew, but it then gives us a stomach ache.

Start humbly, with the habit hacks that research has proven, freshly applied specifically and pointedly to life at home with kids.

The next live class will be in October 2018.

In the meantime, learn more about how habits stick with this free one-page printable checklist on building habits.