You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces
– just good food from fresh ingredients.

Julia Child

I’ve quit social media, but I do enjoy micro-blogging. So, here is my micro blog of assorted random kitchen thoughts, ideas, tips, and recipes. Stop by every once and a while to check out what’s new.

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    Week of July 27, 2020

    This week was crazy hot – over 100 degrees every day all week. On Wednesday we had people over for dinner and my cold crowd-pleaser came through once again: chicken pasta salad.

    Combine: cooked, drained, rinsed pasta; diced grilled chicken (leftovers are best!); halved grape tomatoes; medium whole olives, drained; diced zucchini; 1/4 finely diced sweet onion; cubed Colby-Jack cheese; 1 bottle Greek salad dressing. Easy peasy.

    Have you ever had a jicama? They’re a fun, refreshing, starchy vegetable – like a carrot stick crossed with water chestnut.

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