Tired of not following through?

Do you want to get a grip and start making progress in your home and your approach to life but you know you’ll fizzle out?

Are you an extrovert who works better when it’s a group effort, who needs to join a group to stay motivated?

Are you an introvert who craves meaty discussion with people on the same wave-length?

Here’s the ticket to consistency & momentum for 2018:

Join the Simplified Organization Interval Intensive

For all Simplified Organization eCourse members, at no additional cost: We’ll connect – regularly and intentionally – to keep our eyes on the goal and move forward with joy.

If organizing feels like a wearisome chore or you are discouraged that you never seem to make progress, join us and find the joy in diligence you’ve been seeking.

Interval Intensive Intentions

Here’s how we’ll connect each week:

  • Friday evening: The lesson and checklist for the week arrives in your inbox
  • Monday morning: An extra tip or perspective email will help you start your week with momentum
  • Weekdays: You’ll receive quotables from the course by text (or email, if you prefer)
  • Saturday morning: An accountability check-in text or email you should reply to

We’ll spend two weeks implementing each module. The first week we’ll do a Monday morning motivation chat (7am PDT) and the second week we’ll do a Friday afternoon wrap up & troubleshooting chat.

Plus we’ll do an extra Q&A live chat to kick things off on Thursday, May and a final live Q&A chat after the 12-week accountability group (Saturday, August ) to further troubleshoot and brainstorm for continued progress.

Interval Intensive Schedule

Kickoff Live Video Chat – Friday, May 25, 2018, 10am PDT

  • Week 1, May 25 – Your attitude is your story (module 1)
  • Week 2, June 1 – Start your brain dump processing (module 1)
  • Week 3, June 8 – Your attitude about routines (module 2)
  • Week 4, June 15 – Start your home routine practicing (module 2)
  • Week 5, June 22 – Your attitude by vocations (module 3)
  • Week 6, June 29 – Start your vocation orienting (module 3)
  • Week 7, July 6 – Your attitude through time (module 4)
  • Week 8, July 13- Start your week overviewing (module 4)
  • Week 9, July 20 – Your attitude in action (module 5)
  • Week 10, July 27 – Start your inbox emptying (module 5)
  • Week 11, August 3 – Your attitude daily (module 6)
  • Week 12, August 10 – Start your system iterating (module 6)

Wrap-Up Troubleshooting Video Chat – August 18, 2018, 8am PDT

How might the next school year feel different if you spend the summer aligning your attitude with truth, love, and delight – even in the mundane details?

If you’re already a member of Simplified Organization, look for the email invitation to join the Interval Intensive or contact Mystie to opt in to the extra emails. All members automatically have access to the entire forum, which never expires.

Being organized isn’t about looking put together.

It’s about handling what life throws at you calmly, coolly, and collectedly.

If you’re tired of quick fixes and superficial change, you’re ready for Christ-centered support to establish personalized healthy rhythms and productive routines so you can grow and flourish.

  • Change the way you think about your responsibilities.
  • Improve your mood.
  • Build the systems to help you get more done and gain peace of mind.
  • Become happier and more fulfilled as a homemaker.
  • Stress less and accomplish more.
Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done will focus your heart and mind on what matters, helping you become the best home manager you can be.

Join by June 2nd not only to participate in the Interval Intensive, but also to become a part of Simplified Organization before it is removed temporarily from the store to undergo revisions.

Learn to love what must be done.

Get started with Simplified Organization now.

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