Organization is about your attitude, not your closets.
  • Your home’s atmosphere starts with your attitude, not your decor.
  • Having it all together means prayerful submission to God’s will, not making everything go your own way.
  • Life is for growing in the fruit of the Spirit, not for success in personal ambitions and agendas.

Don’t know what to do because there are a million things to do?

Try a brain dump.

Mystie’s brain dump process is a brilliant hack for busy moms. I highly recommend it! Sarah MacKenzie

author, Teaching from Rest

We are all about living life on purpose, doing the right next thing, and continuing to grow and mature.

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#092: 5 ways to stay sane as a homeschool mom

Welcome! I am Mystie Winckler, wife, homemaker, reader, writer, and classical homeschooling mother of 5. We are Simply Convivial because we keep first things first and know that our attitudes, our hearts, set the tone in our homes and matter before God more than our...

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Can my personality change?

Because I like to geek out on Myers-Briggs personality stuff, I hear some comments fairly often from those who probably just want me to stop. “I don’t have a personality,” they say. Or, “I used to be a feeling type but now I’m not.” I’ve even had people tell me they...

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5 Things I Learned in April

We’re smack in the middle of our “verdure” term, which is aptly named. The world outside is greening up and though we are all ready to wind up this school year, we are pushing through for strong growth ourselves in this “growing season.” One more week after this week...

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