Organization is about your attitude, not your closets.
  • Your home’s atmosphere starts with your attitude, not your decor.
  • Having it all together means prayerful submission to God’s will, not making everything go your own way.
  • Life is for growing in the fruit of the Spirit, not for success in personal ambitions and agendas.

Don’t know what to do because there are a million things to do?

Try a brain dump.

Mystie’s brain dump process is a brilliant hack for busy moms. I highly recommend it! Sarah MacKenzie

author, Teaching from Rest

We are all about living life on purpose, doing the right next thing, and continuing to grow and mature.

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2019-2020 Homeschool Year Overview

This will be a different kind of school year. Not all my children will be in my homeschool and I’m not doing any larger classes with other kids (besides our continued mini co-op with another family). My oldest will be taking a full load at the community college with...

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#098: Persevere, mama!

Welcome to Simply Convivial, where we grow in diligence and delight, learning to love what must be done. I’m Mystie Winckler, wife, mother, homeschooler, reader, writer, and project-juggler. With the hundreds of women inside Simply Convivial Membership, I am...

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