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Learn tactics for attitude change and get over that overwhelm feeling. 6-month access to Simplified Organization module 1 and the community forum.

Starting with module 1 is a great way to see if this will work for you, because the first module is where we dig deep and get nitty-gritty about strategies for overcoming bad attitudes and bad reactions and choosing joy in practical, real terms.

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You can be calm in the midst of crazy.

Managing a busy, happy, growing family is a lot of work.

But you can handle it.

Tips and tricks to get organized may help you get things under control for a time, but lasting change comes after you change the stories you tell yourself.

If you are

  • discouraged that organization attempts never seem to stick,
  • frustrated when your work is so quickly undone,
  • burnt out on normal life,
  • tired at the never-ending parade of menial tasks,

know you are not alone.

A new perspective will enable you to keep our equilibrium & sanity.

Too often, when we try to get organized, we

  • go whole-hog and burn out.
  • focus on surface problems and don’t address the root of our trouble.
  • think buying new containers and labels will permanently solve our situation.
  • spend more time fiddling with a planner than actually doing what needs to be done.
  • freak out when our kids undo our work and mess up our plans.

Our problem is that we focus on appearances and circumstances rather than our own attitudes and approaches.

Organization is about mindset & preparation,

not the state of the closets.

Your closets might be a mess, your storage room might be out of control, your car dashboard might be sticky, but you might still be organized even in the midst of it.

Being organized isn’t about looking put together. It’s about handling what life throws at you calmly, coolly, and collectedly.

[testimonial name="Kirsten D." image_url=] I have been in a homemaking slump the last month or so, feeling overwhelmed and hopelessly behind -- listening to your Simplified Organization modules and rereading some posts was just the cheery kick in the pants I need to get up and going again.[/testimonial]
[testimonial name="Kortney Garrison" image_url=] Working through the e-course has been transformational for me. It really helped me connect the dots and brought such clarification. Working through this course has helped me clarify problem areas and given me workable strategies for overcoming them. [/testimonial]
When the laundry, dishes, and spilled milk gets under our skin –When the endless to-do list threatens to undo us –When the average day simply defeats us –– we need solutions that address our hearts.
If you’re tired of quick fixes and superficial change, you're ready for Christ-centered support to establish personalized healthy rhythms and productive routines so you can grow and flourish.notebook-square
  • Change the way you think about your responsibilities.
  • Improve your mood.
  • Build the systems to help you get more done and gain peace of mind.
  • Become happier and more fulfilled as a homemaker.
  • Stress less and accomplish more.

Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done will focus your heart and mind on what matters, helping you become the best home manager you can be.

We can have peace in the midst of daily life.
  • Reframe the story that plays in your head to beat discouragement
  • Manage your expectations in light of your current life so your plans are realistic and flexible.
  • Delight in your roles and responsibilities to regain a healthy sense of self.
  • Develop a prioritized, intentional weekly routine so you can bless others and fulfill the duties God has called you to.
  • Bring order out of chaos.
Digging deeper will create changes that last, changes that stick.

It will be worth the time invested.

[testimonial name="Amber Ziegler"] One of my biggest hurdles has been setting up the best tools so that they will work for me and yours is the only thing I have ever found that provides that step-by-step information that easily fits my lifestyle. While most advice and systems work well for either working full-time or managing the home, I have had trouble merging the two together to fit our family, but yours has done that nearly seamlessly.[/testimonial]This self-paced course will walk you through the entire process, from wrapping your head around your responsibilities to making flexible, adaptable plans to having the right perspective in the midst of the mundane. Broken up into six modules, Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done will inspire and motivate you. Along the way, you’ll be given the practical help you need to establish better habits and get your life and your home in order through prioritized, intentional action steps.

What you get:

  • Focused audio lessons with written transcripts so you can get clear, concise, practical encouragement.
  • Video tutorials so you can see real examples.
  • Customizable planning templates so you can make a plan that works for you, not someone else.
  • Instructions to set up the tools you need to keep track of life.
  • Clear action steps to help you start where you are and get where you want to go.
  • Seasonal, exclusive, live Q&A chats with Mystie about the topics laid out in the course so you can ask your questions directly and get feedback.
  • Access to an active, private forum for accountability and idea-sharing with other women like you.
  • and much more!

Living an intentional life is about serving others;

we can do that better when we feel refreshed and capable.

Simplified Organization will get you there.

[testimonial name="Lori Errico-Seaman" image_url=""]I have tried a lot of different planning programs, and I always get tripped up on long-term planning. Trying to plan my life now in terms of what I imagine things will be like then makes little sense and feels very overwhelming. I am really loving the freedom of focusing on where I am now and what my responsibilities are now, trusting that if I am faithful in this, God will bring new opportunities into my life when the time is right.[/testimonial]

Applying what you learn slowly and steadily will have lasting effect on your ability to cope with real life.

This isn’t a once-and-done kind of class. It’s a program to give direction and insight into your immediate life that will make a long-term difference, and with lifetime access, you can return again and again whenever you need it.If organizing feels like a useless chore or you are discouraged that you never seem to make progress at home, join us and find the joy in diligence you've been seeking.

Learn to love what must be done.

Get started with Simplified Organization now.
Can't make the full investment right now?You can take the course module-by-module! Get six-month access to Module 1 and upgrade when you're ready.Starting with module 1 is a great way to see if this will work for you, because the first module is where we dig deep and get nitty-gritty about strategies for overcoming bad attitudes and bad reactions and choosing joy in practical, real terms.

If you're ready to jump in and change the way you see your housework, your chaos, your duties, then don't put it off. If you want to become responsive, receptive, and responsible instead of reactive and explosive, start today.

[testimonial name="Christine Adams"]I want to thank you for being a huge part of what's working in my life right now. I learn so much from your ideas and teachings. Also, I think you have such a lovely voice! Your MP3s for the Simplified Organization eCourse are awesome. I have brought so much beauty and order to my home in the last six months from working through your course.[/testimonial]

In this course, you will

  • learn why your attitude is the key to organization and productivity.
  • practice tools to change your attitude.
  • walk through the material at your own pace.
  • get the information you need in manageable, bite-sized, easy-to-navigate chunks.
  • set up the support tools and systems you need.
  • build the habits necessary for organization to stick.
  • interact with fellow participants and help each other brainstorm strategies for specific situations.
  • chat with Mystie about how things are going.
Module 1: DECIDE
Lesson: Live a Story Action Steps: Attitude Habit Plan: Gratitude Blueprint: Brain Dump Tool Guide: Calendar


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