Paperless Home Organization


Make your gadgets work for you so you can get & stay organized and shred your paper clutter.

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Put that smartphone to good use.

Use it to organize your life and home.

  • Never lose a list again
  • Keep track of everything in one place
  • Put your gadgets to good use

Technology can be put to good use in our homes and lives.

Paperless Home Organization will show you how to make a home management “binder” digital, taking up no extra space no matter how much you add to it.

Best of all, this book shows you how to get organized using only free, web-based applications that sync with free apps on both Apple and Android devices.

The Solution: Paperless Home Organization

Also available on Kindle!

I just want to say thank you for organizing and facilitating this course. It has made a big difference for me in figuring out how to implement routines that work for ME and my house and my energy level. Much appreciated!

Amberley A.

This course is a blessing to every wife who has not quite mastered the care + upkeep of her home or is lacking joy in her duties. The work is broken into doable bits. By implementing new habits weekly, students are equipped to successfully and faithfully prepare their homes for service without the depressing boom and bust cycle we have all known. It’s not just practical how-to, it’s invaluable know-how that reaches the innermost spiritual obstacles and attitudes, so that we may not only complete our work, but do it joyfully as unto the LORD.

Nina C.

What the digital home management system lacks in crafty cuteness, it makes up for in accessibility and versatility. The digital version is actually the frugal option if you already have the tools. If you have a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, why also keep heavy, clumsy paper binders?

Don’t let your gadgets go to waste; use them to make your life simpler.


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