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Grow a resilient mindset, learn to love what must be done, and also build the habits of consistently working your plan with lifetime access to both Simplified Organization & Work the Plan along with the community forum.

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Much as we want to, we know we can’t become entirely new people by waking up on a Monday morning ready to start fresh.

We can’t simply will ourselves to be who we want to be and have the transformation happen instantly.

We have to practice being who we want to become, while allowing time and process for the change to happen.

Too often, we let ourselves get away with excuses.

  • I would keep up with the house, but it’s crazy here. The normal advice doesn’t work for me.
  • I would make goals and plans, but my plans fall apart more often than they happen.
  • I would love to make a plan, but my job is serving others, not setting my own projects & agendas.
  • I would be organized, but it makes me cranky every time I’ve tried.
  • I would be organized, but I have all these children that just mess it up.

Because we don’t start with our attitude and change our mindset first, we settle for quick fixes that don’t last. Or, worse, we settle for chaos and disorder.

Instead, learn to be responsive rather than reactive.

Learn how to slowly, steadily, and surely grow in

  • love & care
  • order & self-control
  • consistency & confidence
  • adaptability & flexibility

Tips and tricks to get organized may help you get things under control for a time, but lasting change that has a high impact on your life requires a paradigm shift.

Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done is an in-depth and rich course focused on improving our moods, our approach, and our mindset. Clear action steps guide you through setting up basic home structures to keep things from piling up, while the practical and engaging audio lessons walk you through recovering from chaos both within and without.

Being organized isn’t about looking put together. It’s about handling what life throws at you calmly, cooly, and collectedly.


Too often, we make plans and then never look at them. Too often, we set unrealistic expectations and kick ourselves when they fall apart.

Too often, our plans

  • sit on the counter, neglected.
  • don’t help when the day goes haywire.
  • take more time to make than to do.
  • reflect our moods instead of our responsibilities.

We need better strategies.

We need plans that

  • center on our responsibilities rather than our aspirations.
  • help us make intuitive choices about what to do next, even when we can’t look at the list.
  • never leave us feeling like a failure when all the boxes aren’t checked.
  • build habits that support us.

We need plans, habits, and approaches made for moms at home, where life is unpredictable and our job is meeting needs not completing projects.

Work the Plan is a streamlined productivity crash course for moms that walks you through setting up a system with synergy while learning the habits to keep it going.

I have read a lot of organizing books and blogs and the thing I love about YOURS and that stands out to me is that you have the perspective of a homeschooling mom! And as you know, some organizing issues are specific to homemakers and homeschoolers. Your wisdom and advice is SO HELPFUL.

Catie N.

This is some of the best money I have ever spent on a course or planner! I have been so frustrated for years with all the things in my head and not knowing what to do when I have time. This material has really had me go deeper to attack root issues that were the problem.

Melody V.

There is so much practical wisdom that speaks directly to me as a homeschooling mum. I wasn’t sure about doing an online course but I am so glad I decided to give it a go. It has helped so much already. More than anything it has helped me think about my responsibilities in a new way.

Tania B.

I am loving your classes! Thanks for your sweet spirit!

Robin M.

You get not only practical help, but also community and accountability.

Both courses come with lifetime access and as well as a private and active forum to discuss what you’re learning and help you get unstuck.

Both courses engage your mind and your attitude, helping you to dig deep and make lasting, practical, real-life change.

Enroll in both courses. Take the reins and grow in consistency.


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