Create a planner and planning system that will work for you
with your personality instead of against it.

If you’ve tried different planning methods and never been happy with the results, this course will show you how to choose a system you’ll love. Rather than collect binders and printables and apps and planners, learn about how each practice works and how you can know which you’ll stick with and learn to love.

Yes, consistent practice builds good planning habits,

but before you begin

you need a planning strategy that works for you.

This 5-part workshop will walk you through your options for paper versus digital planning methods, bullet journalling techniques, and digital planning tactics.

You’ll dig in to the options that are available and learn how to choose one (or a combination!) that works for you.

Each day for 5 days, you’ll receive an email with a lesson and the action steps to help you implement the right method for your temperament and situation.

  • Day 1: The pros & cons of digital and paper planning
  • Day 2: All about digital planning
  • Day 3: All about paper planning
  • Day 4: Making your own hybrid system
  • Day 5: Using your system
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[testimonial name="Katrina" image_url=""]I really enjoyed listening to your videos because you are so real. I had recently decided to try your daily index card and I was inspired by the idea of sitting down with a cup of coffee to look at the day. Life seems so overwhelming sometimes. But it's nice to see others who are willing to admit that life is still crazy, but show that it doesn't have to be overwhelming.[/testimonial]
[testimonial name="Victoria" image_url=""]I am now a combo planner. First I was a paper planner. Then I got a smart phone and went all digital for several years. But that didn't always work. When I returned to paper planning, I bounced back and forth between Bullet Journaling and traditional lists as well as ringed binders, composition, and bound notebooks. All in search of a perfect system that doesn't exist. It's exhausting, not to mention expensive! Thank you for your workshop. It's helped me bring it all together.[/testimonial]
Included in the lesson content:
  • videos
  • cheat sheets
  • audio-only files of the videos
  • lists of recommended resources & apps
  • and more!
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