Thanks for visiting! I want to help you wrap your mind around your responsibilities so you can accomplish your work of building a home with less stress and less frustration.

Start by decluttering your head!

The brain dump is an indispensable tool for being able to think again. I never realize how much the clutter in my head is slowing me down until I finally get it all out and onto the page. It’s like the satisfaction of losing ten pounds every time.

The best way to begin any organization overhaul is with a brain dump.

I’ve made this short guide to get you started, with prompts specific to our lives as mothers managing a home!


Simply writing it all down will help to clear your mind and reduce your stress, giving you the ability to calmly filter and process what’s going on in your head and in your life.

Start your free brain dump now!

Start your brain dump now with my free guide with prompts and instructions
to get you decluttering your mind today!

Create a planner and planning system that will work for you
with your personality type instead of against it.
This 3-part workshop will give you instant access to recorded classes about paper versus digital planning methods, bullet journalling strategies, and digital planning tactics. You'll dig in to the options that are available and learn how to choose the one (or a combination!) that works for you! You'll receive
  • videos
  • cheat sheets
  • audio-only files of the videos
  • lists of recommended resources & apps
  • and more!
Take this mini-course on your own time, at your own pace!
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And if you're ready to get serious about cultivating your competency at home, the self-paced online Simplified Organization course will walk you through each step along the way, from shifting your mindset to setting up systems to gaining control of yourself and your home.
I was convinced that I was organized enough and didn't need another organization course. After all I knew what to do even if I didn't always do it.​ I was wrong. Simplified Organization blew me away right from module one. It is just as much about making changes on the inside as it is making changes on the outside. I love Mystie's pleasant, upbeat audio lessons that make me think and convict me to take action.

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