2011-2012 School Year: Overview – Simply Convivial

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Reposted from April 2011 We have five weeks left of the 2010-2011 school year, and the next year will be upon us soon, with our year-round schedule. I have purchased all the books, made a million lists, and things are finally starting to consolidate themselves into right piles and bins and charts. Third grade is a big leap. Honestly, what we will be doing won’t change drastically, but to my mind this is the year we make “real” all our … Read More

Summer Term 2011 — A Typical Day

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The typical day this last term started with the alarm ringing at 5am, and a hand reaching over, turning it off, and cozying back under the pillow. If we’re going to cover the average and the typical rather than the planned or ideal or best day, that’s where we must begin. The typical day opened with my reluctant rising at 6:50-7:10, dressing, addressing and dressing children, pulling out breakfast, starting my own eggs and coffee, and doing my best to … Read More

First Week of School 2011-2012

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Monday I got my housecleaning day in, and we made a venture out to a quiet in-town “naturalized” area for our first nature walk of the school year. Tuesday First day of school. We started the day with our typical yogurt-and-granola fare. I learned my lesson last year and did not start the day off with sugar. We actually got started only ten minutes after scheduled, even though I was still a bit scattered when it came to the organization. … Read More

2011-2012 School Year: Circle Time or Morning Gathering

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What is Circle Time? Cindy of Ordo Amoris: “What is Morning Time?” & “Explanating Morning Time” Kendra of Preschoolers and Peace: “Circle Time” & “Circle Time Questions” & “When Circle Time Isn’t Working” & more Circle Time questions Kendra even wrote an ebook on Circle Time that walks you through setting up and planning a Circle Time that meets your own family’s needs. And Brandy of Afterthoughts has a post titled “I Love Circle Time” Circle Time — or maybe … Read More

2011-2012 School Year: Inspirations – Simply Convivial

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Here are the books and blog posts I revisited while I was putting together my lists and plans. List Books The Book Tree by Elizabeth McCallum & Jane Scott All Through the Ages by Christine Miller (I inherited the first edition in a 3-ring binder from my mom) Big Picture “By Design” at Quiddity by James Daniels “Homeschooling the Freeborn” at Ordo Amoris by Cindy Rollins “How to Simply Homeschool” at Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp “Mission Drift, homeschool style” … Read More