Harvest Term, Week 1 (2013-2014 school year)

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The Week in Brief This was our first week of Harvest Term, so we have new Circle Time material in our binders and a tweaked schedule (because I take every opportunity for tweaking schedules). Everyone definitely had their good and bad moments this week, myself not excluded. Both boys are at a point in their math where each equation is a lot of work (long division and multiple-digit multiplication), but after 2 weeks of plugging away at it, of going … Read More

Summer Term Break Week – Simply Convivial

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The Week in Brief Our first term is over and we took a break week, catching up on the housekeeping, putting all the piles back into their places, reshelving the books, and – not planned – having a nasty cold. Even with the cold, and even without the formal lessons, learning and growing still happened. The kids spent more time drawing, reading, riding bikes, and listening to audio books while resting. We went to the park with friends, the kids … Read More