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~ 1 ~ Nothing dispels January blahs like passing the final test in your math book and moving on to the next book! Jaeger conquered fractions at last and is basking in the glow of easy lessons at the beginning of Math-U-See Zeta. My sister is also teaching a drawing class at my house on Friday mornings, and it’s fun to see such rapid improvement in their skills! This is my 8-year-old’s parrot, with her own backdrop added. ~ 2 … Read More

Soup, soap, sticks, and sundry somethings – Simply Convivial

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~ 1 ~ One interesting thing that I have found after a number of years of homeschooling on 6-week terms is how much pressure it takes off the early weeks. Schooling in July feels like bonus time. We get a groove with our basics and iron out the kinks. Then new stuff starts as we enter our second term and we get another opportunity to step back, evaluate, and change up what didn’t work out the way I envisioned. So, … Read More