How to Focus on Truth in a Homeschool Day

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It’s easy for a homeschool day to go off the rails. As must as we would like to blame the toddler or the teen, usually that derailing starts in our own heads, in our own hearts, as the homeschool mom. Our mood, our demeanor, our responses, make or break the atmosphere of our homeschool. And so our thoughts and our emotions matter. Do we control them or do they control us? When our moods and minds are being swayed by … Read More

What Every Homeschool Mom Needs to Know

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When homeschool moms talk shop, there’s a topic that is not politic or polite to bring up. There’s a secret that some moms are afraid to bring up and others don’t yet know. We need to talk about it. We need to own it. When homeschool moms get together, they chat about curriculum, schedules, checklists, books, methods – all necessary details, but there’s something missing. So, let’s be honest and get this one out in the open. The truth will … Read More

SC025: Classical Homeschooling in Our Home

Season 4: Classical Education Basics I like to talk about education philosophy and principles much more than methods, though I do have a soft spot for practical tips. However, unless we are grounded in our principles, we will be tossed to and fro by all the practical tips out there. Over the last year, I’ve written about classical education principles and how they affect not only our curriculum and our teaching, but also how we as mothers live out our … Read More

SC024: What is Education?

Season 4: Classical Education Basics So, what is education? What is it this task that I have signed up for? I’ve been collecting quotes on the topic for several years; when viewed together they paint an inspiring yet daunting picture. Here’s one of the quotes I’ve found. EDUCATION – Noah Webster’s Dictionary The bringing up, as of a child; instruction; formation of manners. Education comprehends all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct … Read More

SC023: The Liberal Arts Are Musical

Season 4: Classical Education Basics Clark and Jain define a musical education not as one that is full of music or instruments, but as one that is rich with “the subjects inspired by the Muses.” Musical education is soul-craft: carried out properly, it tunes the soul and makes one receptive to truth and goodness. Read the original post: An education based on harmony Listen: Recommended Books: Simple Sanity Saver: Morning Attitude Alignment Sheet Why do you need an attitude alignment … Read More

SC022: A Liberal Arts Education

Season 4: Classical Education Basics The liberal arts are the tools of learning. These are not subjects, not really. These are modes, ways of thinking, practices that teach us how to think and how to learn. They are not seven topics to study, but seven paths that prepare us for thinking, for philosophy, for virtue, for life. They are the prerequisite skills for an understanding of the world. Grammar teaches the skill of “grasping concepts”; it includes not only formal … Read More

SC021: Virtue Is the Goal of Classical Education

Season 4: Classical Education Basics Although the idea of classical homeschooling can be intimidating and appear unreachable, it is far more down-to-earth than we might think. This task is not too lofty for us, homeschooling moms with households to run; in fact, our very lifestyles are an asset, not a hindrance. If you’ve ever thought you needed to focus more on character than your curriculum checklist, you might be more classical than you think. We don’t need to abandon structure … Read More

SC020: What Is Classical Education?

Season 4: Classical Education Basics A label is a tricky thing. Just when you decide to take on an adjective as an identity, you find people including shades of meaning that you don’t personally want to own. For this reason, it’s common now to eschew labels altogether and call them useless and misleading. However, I think we should be comfortable generalizing and allowing ourselves to be generalized. One generalized label is classical education. Under that umbrella, you can find many … Read More

My Secret Weapon for Beating a Bad Attitude in our Homeschool

So. It’s February. In our neck of the woods, it’s been a harsher winter. We’ve had inches upon inches of snow, then ice on top of that, when a typical year rarely sees snow that stays on the ground for more than a day or two. The sky is covered in gray, and often so is my head. Because of the cold and the wet, I don’t get the same level of exercise and activity. Worse yet, the kids don’t … Read More

The Key to Homeschooling Consistently

Have you ever started off your day by watching a movie, turning on the television, mindlessly clicking around Facebook, or skimming your online news feed? It happens. Does it affect your mood? We’re fooling ourselves if we say it doesn’t. I know I am tempted – and often give in to the temptation – of checking my email and “catching up” online first thing in the morning. Even if I get up before the kids and take a walk and … Read More

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