Our 3 Year History Cycle & the books that make it work
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History should never be boring. History is the study of people – and people always have stories. Stories of individuals, stories of battles, stories of cultures, stories of legends – history is inherently fascinating and relevant. Dates are secondary to people. Dates are useful insofar as they help us place people in the right place within the flow of the story of history. So, of course history should be told as a narrative, for that’s what it is. History is … Read More

How to Use Evernote for Homeschool Book Lists
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Our next post in the Evernote for Homeschooling series is inspired by a question I received by email last week. Candy wrote: One thing I struggle with is trying to organize and maintain a booklist both for read alouds and for my kids to read.  There are so many wonderful websites and it’s difficult to get it all in one place that is accessible when I’m out and about at the library, book sales, etc.  So I’m wondering what you … Read More

Top 5 Books of 2014
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Once again, I read fewer books than I had hoped in a year: 32. I read some really excellent ones, though, and that’s what counts. However, I don’t think I’ve ever had a year with as many two-star ratings – I suppose that’s what comes when I try to broaden my reading horizons. I decided to narrow my favorites down to my top 5 – the top 5 I would truly recommend be moved to the top of your list … Read More

Top 10 Audio Books for the Older Elementary Kids
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You know I love audio books, so I couldn’t drop the subject without one more list of them. Last week I made my top ten list of audio books for younger kids, so I thought I should follow it up with a top ten list for the older elementary crowd. Narnia. You’re never too old for Narnia. Tom Sawyer. Southern dialect is a good thing to outsource. Huck Finn. Get the one done by Elijah Wood! Pilgrim’s Progress. The archaic … Read More

Top 10 Audio Books for the Under-10 Crowd

I love audio books for myself and for my kids! Today I’ll share some of my favorites. And if you want to expand your audio book collection, check out my tips for getting the most out of an Audible membership. Find all my Audible tips & tricks listed here! It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of our month of homeschooling lists! Everything from sanity strategies to book lists to managing life details to more book lists. It’s … Read More

A List of My Favorite Homeschooling Books
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Our full month of homeschooling lists is nearing an end. I can hardly believe it. I’m joining up with The Nester’s 31 Days series and sharing 31 homeschool lists with you! Everything from sanity strategies to book lists to managing life details: I’ve got a list and I’m sharing it. Homeschooling Lists Galore Index: Get Organized with Homeschool Lists Previous: Essential Pantry List for Simple Meals Next: Student Checklists Just as I decided to make the tough calls and limit … Read More

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