5 Ways My Life was Changed by Cindy Rollins

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If you are starting out homeschooling with a bright-eyed little 5-year-old – a toddler tagging along and another on the way – you eat up the stories of those ahead of you on the journey. What curriculum do you use? What is most important in a homeschool day? What should I be doing? How do you homeschool and do laundry and put meals on the table? CH063: Thoughts on Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins When I was in that spot … Read More

Principles Are Practical, a video conversation

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What is a principle? Principle noun A basic truth, law, or assumption A rule or standard, especially of good behavior: a man of principle. A fixed or predetermined policy or mode of action. A principle is something we know to be true, something that is foundational to our thinking that informs our choices. A principle is a guiding code that leads us down certain paths and not others. A principle filters the methods we assume when we have to troubleshoot … Read More