Cheerful Chore Challenge, week 6: Beastly Bedrooms
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Well, it’s the last week of my plan to improve our chore routines. It’s been helping a lot, even though summer things like swimming lessons and camping trips interrupt the routine. It’s still good to get that introduction phase over before the school routines are added back in. This week we’ll talk about the real challenge: how to get the kids to keep their rooms clean! Cheerful Chore Challenge Morning Chores Lunch Chores Afternoon EHAP Routine Evening Clean Saturday Morning … Read More

Cheerful Chore Challenge, week 5: Saturday Morning Extra Jobs

Even if we manage to get in our daily chores a few times a day, still there is other upkeep work that needs to be done. It builds up and I’ve discovered it can’t all wait six weeks until the next break week. There has to be some weekly time in the schedule to get to it. In the years before last year, we schooled four days a week and rather than Friday, Monday was our day off. I loved … Read More

Cheerful Chore Challenge, week 4: Evening Clean
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This summer I’m working on our consistency in our housecleaning habits, so that when we return to our school routine, the house maybe will remain habitable. Over the last many years I’ve been reading about, planning through, and working on these sorts of habits, I’ve learned what ingredients make the most difference in our home. I’ve found that several short, targeted bursts in a day can keep the house humming better than an hour or two of deep cleaning once … Read More

Cheerful Chore Challenge, week 3: Afternoon EHAP Routine
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The summer is the perfect time to address non-academic problem areas. For us this summer, that means solidifying our chore routines so that when we start up school again, we can keep the house humming and in better shape. Making these chore times habitual patterns in our day cuts down on the emotional, psychological, and relational wear-and-tear that boom-and-bust cycles, disarray, and conflict over what’s required create. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been surprised at how worn down you … Read More

Cheerful Chore Challenge, week 2: Lunch Chores
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Alright, so I’m in for 6 weeks of a “cheerful chores challenge.” This summer I’m working on shoring up our housework routines while we aren’t doing school so that when we start school again in July (we school year-round), we will already have those patterns learned and won’t be adding everything at once. Festina lente. Lunch chores are a new thing for us. Doing any regular clean up after lunch is not a part of our routine or our typical … Read More