Education in Life: Why Kids Need Chums, Church, & Chores

Yes, education is a life, but life also educates. As mother-teachers our job is much bigger than a school administrator. While he oversees curriculums and courses of study and rhythms of the school day, we do that while also overseeing meals, housework, sports, music lessons, outside activities, wardrobes – basically, every little detail. Good news: this means we have the ability to create paideia. Paideia is a Greek word and concept that means a system of broad cultural education or … Read More

Summer is a time for habit building.

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In episode 8 of the Scholé Sisters podcast Brandy and I discussed habits for both mom and kids in light of Aristotle’s thoughts on habit and virtue from Nichomachean Ethics. There’s a lot of talk about character training in homeschool circles. Knowing they want to focus on character and virtue rather than facts, homeschool moms reach out to curriculum providers for solutions to this seemingly nebulous issue. How can we train character? What does it mean really? This is not … Read More

Cleaning House While Homeschooling

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Cleaning and I have a complicated relationship. I am naturally a Messie. I can easily cultivate my oblivion to the state of my house as well as my disdain for the menial, always-needing-to-be-redone work. But I am slowly, continually, reforming – repenting. After all, I know Elisabeth Elliot is right when she writes: “The beauty of Thy peace” is a worthy thing to strain after, and the way I keep my house is not unrelated. Moreover, it is one way … Read More

Summer Bootcamp for the Kids’ Chores

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Summer is a great time to revamp the home systems and focus on those areas that tend to get brushed aside with the hustle and bustle of regular activities, homework, and schedules. Of course the kids are looking forward to kicking back and enjoying more loose and freeform days. Summer should be a time for swimming, lemonade, and ice cream cones, but it’s also a great time to use the extra head-space and time-pockets to organize those bothersome corners and … Read More

5 Habits to Show Kids Love

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I’m not the most naturally affectionate or tenderhearted mother. As much as I do love my children dearly, it is hard for me to remember to show kids love like I ought. As far as Myers-Briggs typing goes, I am an INTJ, and one personality description I’ve read specifically calls out INTJ as not an ideal type for mothering. But that’s where I am and I’m so thankful for it. It makes me own my faults and necessitates my growth. … Read More

Cheerful Chore Challenge, week 6: Beastly Bedrooms

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Well, it’s the last week of my plan to improve our chore routines. It’s been helping a lot, even though summer things like swimming lessons and camping trips interrupt the routine. It’s still good to get that introduction phase over before the school routines are added back in. This week we’ll talk about the real challenge: how to get the kids to keep their rooms clean! Cheerful Chore Challenge Morning Chores Lunch Chores Afternoon EHAP Routine Evening Clean Saturday Morning … Read More

Cheerful Chore Challenge, week 5: Saturday Morning Extra Jobs

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Even if we manage to get in our daily chores a few times a day, still there is other upkeep work that needs to be done. It builds up and I’ve discovered it can’t all wait six weeks until the next break week. There has to be some weekly time in the schedule to get to it. In the years before last year, we schooled four days a week and rather than Friday, Monday was our day off. I loved … Read More

Cheerful Chore Challenge, week 3: Afternoon EHAP Routine – Simply Convivial

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The summer is the perfect time to address non-academic problem areas. For us this summer, that means solidifying our chore routines so that when we start up school again, we can keep the house humming and in better shape. Making these chore times habitual patterns in our day cuts down on the emotional, psychological, and relational wear-and-tear that boom-and-bust cycles, disarray, and conflict over what’s required create. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been surprised at how worn down you … Read More

Our Chore Board – Simply Convivial

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Kelly asked about our chore chart, so here’s the nitty-gritty on that topic. I have always kept morning chores simple, constant, and consistent, partly in hopes of not needing any tracking or communication set-ups. Every child has one job they do right after breakfast, and they keep the same job for a year or more. However, particularly now that I have two readers, plus simply more to keep tabs on myself, I have found it helpful to have things like … Read More