Ignore the mess.

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Organize your attitude #33 Christmas is almost here. Kids are off school, excited, and doing what kids do best: creating messes. Add to that typical chaos all the extra stuff of Christmas – more sweets, new toys, wrapping paper, packaging – plus extra exuberance – and you have the makings of a real disaster. But it’s only a disaster if you look at it with the attitude that your home should always be neat and tidy and life is all … Read More

Sanity Hack: Post-Christmas Whirlwind

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It happens every year, and the more kids you have, the more intense it is. You prepare for days beforehand: wrapping gifts, baking cookies, cleaning bathrooms. Then, it is finally TODAY. Christmas. You relish Christmas day. Your kids relish it. Stockings are opened, cinnamon rolls and bacon are enjoyed, presents are unwrapped, coffee is savored, the afternoon drifts on with perhaps a movie or a board game. Then comes the huge meal. More sugar, another glass of wine, late bedtimes, … Read More