Principles Are Practical, a video conversation

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What is a principle? Principle noun A basic truth, law, or assumption A rule or standard, especially of good behavior: a man of principle. A fixed or predetermined policy or mode of action. A principle is something we know to be true, something that is foundational to our thinking that informs our choices. A principle is a guiding code that leads us down certain paths and not others. A principle filters the methods we assume when we have to troubleshoot … Read More

Shakespeare for Kids: An Easy 5-Step Plan

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Shakespeare can be an intimidating subject to introduce. Isn’t the language archaic and the doesn’t high quality mean high difficulty? Actually, the language isn’t that difficult when it’s read (that is, interpreted) by an experienced reader. The profound themes within plots were created not as pure art, but also to entertain the masses. Shakespeare was the hot movie in his day, and he can still be enjoyed that way today. You don’t have to wait for high school to do … Read More

Poetic Knowledge: Education and Emotion – Simply Convivial

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This is my own rabbit trail post for thePoetic Knowledge Book Club. Education and Emotion The second-to-last paragraph of chapter 1 struck me more than anything else in this chapter: Given that the scientific idea of education is a mechanical model that manifests itself in some form of the “drill and kill” system, and given, in contrast, that the human being is not a machine and has not, for centuries, responded to learning by such methods, the conflict produced by … Read More