I had a clean bedroom & I hated it.

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If you’ve been around awhile, you know how I struggled for years to learn the habit of making my bed. Well, first I argued for years that it was a silly, stupid waste of time. Then I wrestled with my habit of griping about it and all the advice out there to try it because it truly makes a different. I gave in, tried to change my ways, and found that simply deciding to change wasn’t the end. It took … Read More

Why can’t the dishes wait for morning?

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Baked chicken. Glazed carrots. Roasted potatoes. I had put dinner on the table. Wasn’t that enough for one day? To get up and then face the collection of plates, cups, pans, utensils, pots – not to mention the counters themselves. Ugh. Soaking seemed to be the best solution. If the dishes wait, no harm is done. Really, I was being a better housekeeper for putting it all off until the morning. It would take me so much less time, I … Read More

5 Days, 5 Essentials: 5 Ways to Keep a Clean House

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This week I’ll be sharing 5 lists of 5 baby steps – small wins – you can make to improve your upcoming school year and start off on the right foot. I don’t know how many lists I’ve made over the years about cleaning routines. I think I’ve tried all the plans out there. Trying them all (and never sticking with any of them) taught me over the years what they all had in common and what I needed to … Read More

Handy Household Help: Cleaning Tips & Tools

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So, if the work must be done and we are responsible for it (whether we do it or delegate it), then there are still cleaning tips and tricks we can learn to make it faster and easier. I think it’s great to look into methods and practice these skills for several reasons: It keeps us interested in our work. Being interested and engaged is a great tactic for maintaining a good attitude, and researching and thinking about what we’re doing … Read More