Commonplacing for Moms: 10 Tips to Get Started

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A commonplace is a notebook for keeping favorite quotes, inspiring ideas, or thoughtful notes. It’s a highly individual practice that has been used by “keepers” of all walks of life for nearly as long as the means to conveniently and cheaply read and write have been available. It’s making a resurgence in the classical education world as well as the Charlotte Mason community because both recognize that learning is a process of the student’s mind acting on the material. Choosing … Read More

Teaching Kids to Keep a Commonplace

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If you missed it, check out my review of Kathy’s wonderful language arts materials and Book of Centuries. This is a guest post by Kathy Weitz. The Schole Sisters have done a fabulous job of telling y’all what a commonplace book is and why you should do it. I have also written about my own personal journey with commonplacing. Commonplace books are a fixture in our homeschool and in our local classical liberal arts co-op, Providence Prep, where I teach … Read More

How I Use My Commonplace Journal

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Last week Sarah Mackenzie did a webinar with Andrew Kern where Kern explained his careful reading strategy. I was in the chatbox during the talk and it was a lively conversation! We Scholé Sisters did an impulsive thing afterwards: We decided to have an after-party and each show off our own commonplace journals and how we keep them. It was a lot of fun! Brandy even explained how she’s taught her oldest son to commonplace – something I’ll be imitating … Read More

The Living Page: Living a Liturgy

I recently finished Laurie Bestvater’s The Living Page: Keeping Notebooks with Charlotte Mason, and I loved it. I bought it based on Brandy’s reviews, and I’m glad I made the leap-of-faith, even though I am only a Charlotte Mason admirer and not a strict adherer. I think this book, with the history behind commonplace books and Mason’s implementation of it, demonstrates more clearly than ever that Charlotte Mason was not an innovator, but was making methods and practices based soundly … Read More