Cultivate friendships.

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Organize your attitude #51 A too-oft overlooked way to brighten our attitudes and get them back on target is to talk to a friend. We are not meant to live isolated lives. We are created to live in families and in church communities. The New Testament says we are like one body with our fellow believers, and we cannot say we have no need of them. Friendships take time investment. But they are worth it. When we know we are … Read More

Share the load.

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Organize your attitude #46 “No, I’ll do it.” We often associate these words with two-year-olds, eager to enter the larger world and assert their independence. However, too often mothers are the ones saying it – perhaps not in so many words, but by their actions. Would you rather do it yourself? #089: Why we need friends Of course we can do things better and faster than our children, but they need to gain experience by helping out. They need to … Read More

Go to church.

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Organize your attitude #35 I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!” –Psalm 122:1 We’re not meant to do life alone. We’re not even meant to do life as a single family unit. We’re meant to live in community and fellowship with a body of believers, regularly, intentionally, and humbly. Attending church is a way to organize our attitude because at church we confess our sins, worship God, and fellowship with … Read More

Find accountability.

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Organize your attitude #27 There is so much to do. Always. And there are always distractions, other possibilities, and any number of potential and real problems to derail our plans. Sometimes our plans do need to take back seat to real life. Sometimes we have to adjust on the fly and simply take care of the emergent realities as they unfold. But sometimes the reason we don’t follow through with our plans is not because something more important came up, … Read More