Top Books for Homeschooling Moms

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There are so many books out there. How do we choose what to read? Should we read only in “our field”? Even in the homeschool category, there are so many books! And I’ve checked out our library’s selection. Not all of them are worth reading. We have limited time to read. We want to bring our best selves to this game of homeschooling. What’s a homeschool mom supposed to read? Here are my short lists in the categories I’ve read … Read More

GTD for Homemakers: Tips for Processing Your Brain-Dump Lists

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Welcome to a month of practical, hands-on, and real-life organization and time management posts specifically for mothers at home! I’m joining up with The Nester’s “31 Days” series with 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers. GTD is an acronym referring to David Allen’s books and system, Getting Things Done. And if anybody needs to get things done, it’s mothers managing a home. So join me for the month of October as I explore how we can streamline our processes, alleviate … Read More