31 Days of Organizing Homeschool Stuff: iTunes Playlists
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When you think “organized,” what picture pops into your mind? Probably something that would make a splash on Pinterest: something beautiful, something labeled, something amazing. But, organization is actually about being prepared and having a useful home for your stuff – and that’s it. Being organized means making it work for you, not you for it. If it makes your life harder rather than easier, that’s not organized. iTunes, my audio file organizer Even stuff that doesn’t take up space … Read More

31 Days of Organizing Homeschool Stuff: Google Calendar for Homeschooling
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Being organized is about making the process work for you efficiently, not about maintaining a neat and tidy row at all times. Here are some ways I’ve tried to make the processes work more conveniently so I can spend more mind-space on the children and less on the stuff. How I Use Google Calendar for Homeschooling Keeping a current calendar is vital to being organized. The advantage of keeping that calendar in a web-based form like Google calendar rather than … Read More

Coming Up: Book Reviews & A New eBook
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Hello, dear Reader. For most of November and December, I will be posting [have scheduled, actually] book reviews I’ve written over the last two years and published on my previous blog, A Healer’s Geste. Thus I am both moving content I want to keep and giving myself a further postpartum blogging break. However, there will still be new content once or twice a week. How, after all, could I resist posting baby pictures? So never fear, aunties, there will be … Read More

GTD for Homemakers: The Review Process

Like David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, this series, 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers is about managing your stuff and your actions, and once those are under control, your mind is left more free and clear to focus on the present moment with your family. So this series is not about shaping our homes and families to a business model, but about being in control of our tasks and stuff rather than letting it control us, so that instead … Read More

GTD for Homemakers: Set Up Consistent Calendars & Lists
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This series, 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers, is all about putting into place effective routines and processes so that the routine administratiive details of life do not cause undo stress and we, as mothers in the heart of our homes, can peacefully and intentionally make good choices about what to do without feeling like we have a million details pulling us in a million directions at once. Previous Post: Establish Physical Containers: Inboxes, Launchpad, & To-Read Stack Guard Your … Read More

Digital Home Management “Binder”: Daily Docket
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Home Management Binder, Control Journal, Household Notebook: It doesn’t matter what you call it, having it helps keep all the tasks involved in homemaking in front of your face when you need them to be, but off your mind when you don’t. It’s usually done with paper, but can it be adapted for the technologically savvy? Or at least the technology-owner? Can it be done with an iPad, Netbook, smartphone, iPod Touch? It certainly can. Series to Date Introduction Calendar … Read More

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