Becoming a Better Homemaker

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If people are important, then homes will always be important, also. People need homes. Even if it’s a mud hut, it is a home to be “made.” Homemaking is not about displaying middle class sensibilities or acquiring appropriate seasonal decor; homemaking is about loving people in practical, tangible, daily, mundane ways. Perhaps some have ambition to become better homemakers in order to glorify themselves. If we use our houses to display personal taste, showcase our style, or even minimize personal … Read More

Hidden Art of Homemaking: Reading Aloud

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The tenth chapter of Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer is titled “Drama,” and I admit I was concerned. I rather share Fanny Price’s skepticism about amateur drama beyond the Shakespeare speech or poem recitation. Turns out, my trepidation was needless, because that was particularly the sort of dramatic expression Mrs. Schaeffer is encouraging, with the addition insight that reading aloud is actually an outlet for dramatic talent! Personally, I have zero flair for the dramatic, and that even … Read More