What’s the difference between school & education?

I was intrigued with a tagline I saw online awhile ago: Don’t let school get in the way of your education. I sympathize. We make distinctions by saying we home educate rather than homeschool. We say “school-at-home” dismissively. Why do we do this? Is there a difference? What is the difference? Should we prefer the word educate? Should we eschew the word school? Let’s look at the words, their meanings, and their history while exploring what it is we’re trying … Read More

The first, middle, and last thing – Simply Convivial

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Do you think Charlotte Mason ever read Plutarch’s other writings? She had her students study Plutarch’s Lives slowly and carefully over the course of years – perhaps she also respected his opinions on education? He did have some. The introductory comments to the entries by Plutarch in The Great Tradition summarize Plutarch’s opinion: “he presents poetry as preparatory to the study of philosophy.” Sounds like Charlotte Mason, doesn’t it? But he was a product of the classical era, part of … Read More

Weekend Reads: – Simply Convivial

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I have my school planning tables made, but haven’t been hit with inspiration yet to start filling them in. Then I remembered there were a couple books I still wanted to read before selecting what we’d focus on in the coming year, so rather than carving out planning time, I need to carve out some real reading time! Amazon links are affiliate links and help pay for site costs & my book addiction. Thanks! Books Read at Our House This … Read More