How to be more organized: 3 tools you must have

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Being organized seems like an elusive goal. When do you know if you’ve reached this state of bliss?  For some of us, being organized feels like a moving target. We’re almost there, we think, then something changes and we’ve slid back down onto the mire.  Honestly, I have not arrived at some final destination known as being organized. I know I could always be more organized than I am. Sometimes I am organized. Sometimes I am not.  But rather than … Read More

Elementary Lessons Plans 2017-2018 – in Evernote

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Elementary Lessons is the name of our mini co-op that I teach twice weekly at my house with 2 of my kids, 2 of my friend’s kids, and 1 child of another friend. My younger-than-elementary (now only 1 of those!) kids go down the street to my friend Kirsti’s while hers walk over to mine. It’s an ideal set-up, and not entirely unintentional or accidental. During our twice-weekly 2-hour lesson chunk, we do writing (with only the 9-11 crowd), history … Read More

How do I organize stacks in Evernote? | Saturday Q&A

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For several months, I’ve been writing a series on homeschooling with Evernote, and so that means the questions are rolling in. This week I received another Evernote question and I thought it’d be better to answer it as a post for everyone rather than in each email that comes in asking the same thing. :) Michelle recently emailed me with some Evernote questions: I have been reading, and rereading, your posts on using Evernote for homeschooling. I’ve been trying to … Read More

How do you organize Evernote stacks? | Saturday Q&A

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So, there’s no doubt that I love Evernote. I’ve been writing a long series about homeschooling with Evernote, I include tips and strategies for using Evernote for home management in Paperless Home Organization, and Evernote is simply my external brain. Everyone should have an external brain of one sort or another, and Evernote is mine. Michelle recently emailed me with some Evernote questions: I have been reading, and rereading, your posts on using Evernote for homeschooling. I’ve been trying to … Read More

Evernote for Homeschool Record-Keeping – Simply Convivial

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I feel pretty silly writing a post about homeschool record-keeping, because it’s an area that I am horribly inconsistent in and one I do not prioritize. I always think I’ll do better, and every year I do a little better, but not by much. Still, I have a plan for record-keeping. Does that count for anything? (FYI: records other than yearly standardized test results are not required by our state, so I’m not shirking my legal responsibilities). Still, as I … Read More

How to Use Evernote for Loop Schedules

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Have you heard of loop scheduling for your homeschool? Sarah Mackenzie wrote about it awhile back and got us all thinking and talking about it: Loop Scheduling for a Recovering Type A. Pam Barnhill, in her Plan Your Year Kit, includes a section detailing the why and how of loop scheduling, and the kit also includes an audio interview with Sarah Mackenzie on how to make a loop schedule work. So, how can we use Evernote for loop schedules and … Read More

How to make homeschool lesson plans in Evernote – Simply Convivial

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So, you have Evernote set up, you are using it to gather inspiration and ideas for your homeschool, you know how to get your stuff into Evernote, and you have the beginnings of your homeschool year overview saved in Evernote. Now let’s start getting into real, nitty-gritty homeschool planning with Evernote: Evernote homeschool lesson plans. Make sure to start at the beginning of this series with How to Use Evernote for Homeschooling and download the cheat sheet for setting up … Read More

Plan a Homeschool Year in Evernote – Simply Convivial

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Planning a homeschool year, especially if you have multiple students, means managing and coordinating a lot of moving pieces. When I plan, I do use paper for brain dumps and brainstorming and for initial lists just to get the ideas out of my head and think about them. But when I’m ready to plan in earnest, I transfer those written notes into a digitally-kept plan, which is eventually all saved into Evernote. Make sure to start at the beginning of … Read More

Use Evernote for Homeschool Planning – Simply Convivial

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Evernote is my favorite and necessary tool for running my Paperless Home Management System and so this month I want to share how I use Evernote for Homeschooling. Everything in it is searchable and I can toss most papers. Those two reasons should convince you right there, but I have at least seven more posts to make my case and make it easy for you to move toward paperless planning. Make sure to start at the beginning of this series … Read More

Evernote Tips for Homeschool Moms

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Next week we’ll start delving into actually nitty-gritty homeschooling planning and record keeping with Evernote, but first I want to cover a few more random “power user” sort of tips to make sure your Evernote usage is faster and less frustrating. Evernote has so many features, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out how to use it “right.” Don’t worry so much about that, though. Use it in a way that works for you, without worrying about taking … Read More

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