Entropy: 3 ways to deal with it

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We’ve all experienced it. The frustration when right after folding the towels, an infant crawls over and spreads them around the room. The exhaustion of cleaning the corners in one area, only to find the area we cleaned yesterday has been – heaven forbid – used and dirtied already. The surprise that the grocery run we just did (or was it last week?) has been entirely consumed yet people are still hungry. Entropy gets us every time. When God cursed … Read More

Accept entropy as a part of life.

Organize your attitude #15 Do you, dear reader, know entropy? We all experience it in every aspect of life. It is the muscles that weaken when not exercised, the dust that accumulates on the shelves, the clutter that seems to spawn in every corner. #078: Life is full of entropy Entropy is real. Entropy is part of the current natural order. The dictionary defines it as, “a gradual decline into disorder.” That’s real life. Gardens grow weeds. If we want … Read More

One Quick Hack to Improve Your Plan

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Write your plan the night before and supercharge your day. The day was over. The kids in bed, the house quiet. Time to sigh, breathe deep, and decide how to relax. I glanced down and I caught sight of my daily index card plan I’d made that morning. Ugh. I’d totally forgotten about it after the hubbub of the day had begun. I had begun with such high hopes and ended up feeling like I’d simply held on for dear … Read More

The Blessing of a Public Tantrum

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We’ve seen them. The child screaming, red-faced at the park, oblivious to parental admonitions. The toddler rocking in the cart, yelling because he didn’t get his way. We sigh and shake our heads as we move along our way. Until it’s us and our children. My toddlers rarely threw real tantrums, but when they have, it’s been at the grocery store. Sure, at the grocery store or in the middle of a crowded park, when we have guests or when … Read More

Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done

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About a year ago I started writing an ebook that I thought would simply be an expanded and improved GTD for Homemakers. The more I got into it, the more I thought an ebook really wasn’t the best way to present the material. How many ebooks do I have just sitting on my hard drive? eBooks inspire, but they aren’t handy when you want one specific piece of information or encouragement from them. After talking it over with my husband, … Read More

GTD isn’t GIAD (Getting It All Done)

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So, I ran the 31 Days to GTD series here two years ago, then consolidated and edited it into a manageable ebook. But, lest there be any confusion, GTD is so very different from GIAD. It is only things, not ALL things, that are being done. I recently received a question (and I’ve several similar ones before), asking what we all want to know. It seems like a question that should have an answer, if only we could read the … Read More

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