Fairy Tale Picture Books – with a giveaway!

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I have a whole collection of beautiful fairy tale picture books. I collect what some might call “scary” picture books: the art is gorgeous but haunting, and the tales include the bits about dancing in red hot shoes until dead or wolves’ stomachs being opened by honest woodsmen. I came across a hardback copy of a favorite (though decidedly not scary) picture book of ours in great condition at a yard sale a year ago, and decided I should give … Read More

Quotidian Mysteries Winner! – Simply Convivial

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And the winner of The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy, and Women’s Work by Kathleen Norris is Anna! Congratulations. Thank you for all the birthday wishes! And guess what? The next little Winckler — to arrive in November — is a girl!! Yay!!

A gift for you on my birthday! – Simply Convivial

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Today is not only my birthday, it is my thirtieth birthday! I’m pretty excited about it, actually. I think I’ve earned thirty by now: 11 years of marriage and a fifth baby on the way. When I was in my late teens I couldn’t wait to be twenty — a real grownup! I feel similarly with thirty. Turns out when you turn twenty, even if you’re married with your first baby on the way, people still act like you’re a … Read More

Simplified Dinners eBook Winners! – Simply Convivial

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Ok, so, um, 6 entries is a far cry from 500, but that’s ok! Thank you to all those who entered! The randomly-chosen winners are TBaer Simone Anna Congratulations! You’ll be receiving your link to download your copy shortly. And for those of you who did not win but would like a copy, you still get a prize: a discount code! During the checkout process, simply enter convivial to receive $4 off! That’s almost 50%! That code will work through … Read More

Simplified Pantry Giveaway!

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Many of you already know and have been a part of the preparation of Simplified Dinners, receiving pre-release early-edition copies (first under the title “Pantry Meals”), giving me feedback and reviews, and generally being very encouraging. Thank you! Our site is now up, thanks to my marvelous web developer, my husband. He also made a colorful cover for the book and helped me get the inside looking a little more snazzy than my original black-and-white version. Most home management books … Read More