5 Things I Learned in 2019

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A new year is upon us and before jumping into the freshness of new plans and new goals, it’s good to stop and reflect. We need to move forward in light of where we’re at. We need to make adjustments and changes based on what we know does and doesn’t work – which we will only know if we stop and reflect. So here goes – here are 5 things I learned about myself, my goals, and working those goals … Read More

Troubleshoot Your Goals: Motives and Habits

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We’re coming up on December, and it will seem inevitable: We must examine how the year went, how we’ve done, how far we’ve come. Most of us will be disappointed. I know I will be. I will see my list of goals, of things I had wanted to do in 2019, and they will not all be crossed off. Some (like weight loss, cough) will have seen no progress. I did not make these goals and then forget them, hoping … Read More

Convivial: Because Mom Is the Home Atmosphere

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It was about 5 years ago now that I deleted my old blog and started over from scratch, choosing the name Convivial Home for my new effort. A real estate agent promptly offered me a large sum for that domain, so I sold it and switched my name to Simply Convivial. I did not want to let go of the word convivial – though perhaps it is a more unusual word than I realized. Convivial has been a stake-in-the-sand word … Read More

We need to know what we’re after. – Xenophon on education

If we start off on this homeschool journey with no idea what education is, why we’re doing it, or where we want to be at the end, we’ll flounder, frustrated and fickle. We’ll have no idea whether what we’re doing is working or if we’re doing a good job. We have to have a measuring stick to determine if we’re straightened out and moving forward. A measuring stick has a beginning and an end. Every Most Wednesdays here in 2016 … Read More

How to Write Meaningful Goals

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Meaningful goals that align with our responsibilities rather than our wishful thinking are worth the time it takes to make them, review them, and work toward them. It’s a common scenario, at least for me. I am in a reflective mood, thinking about all the ways I’m a slacker, all the ways I’d like to improve. I do my best to narrow it down to one three goals – habits to learn, results to reach – how about three of … Read More

What making my bed taught be about goals.

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The backstory I was a child who hated making my bed and got away with leaving it undone as often as I could manage. I hated pointless work, and what is more pointless than making a bed you’re just going to get in and mess up again at the end of the day? Yes, this attitude was a terrible one to go into motherhood and homemaking with, and all those childhood and adolescent years of insisting that such things were … Read More

Homeschool with the end in mind.

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Homeschooling is a game that has to be played with the long view. When a day goes well, it’s tempting to rejoice in the assumption that we obviously got everything right and finally have a plan that works. Now, we think, every day will now go swimmingly, because clearly our good plan is in place. We’ve got this gig figured out at last. When a day goes poorly, it’s easy to question everything from our own abilities to our children’s … Read More

Why do we make plans when they rarely work out?

All my writing time and energy has been spent in my upcoming video training: Work the Plan. So, I decided to both roll with that and yet not neglect posting by simply sharing some of that writing here with you as a sort of preview. The following is about half of the script I wrote for the introduction video to Work the Plan , and I think it addresses something that any planner-type will resonate with. Listen to this post! … Read More

Clean house with the end in mind

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If you’re like me, you try – at least occasionally – to become better, more effective, more competent in your roles and responsibilities at home. And then after a period of trying, you peter out because it turns out it’s quite exhausting to grow and change and fight entropy and bad habits. We have to become accustomed to and accepting of small change over time: faithful application, faithful repentance, day in and day out. Rather than huge life overhauls that don’t … Read More

Interval Planning: Keeping Laser Focus

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Leverage the interval training technique in your personal life by setting up your calendar in intervals and planning goals accordingly. Planning and executing in short-term bursts is a great way to keep laser focus and high energy. By always keeping short deadlines and tackling manageable chunks, you can avoid overwhelm and procrastination. Make the Interval Plan The components of an interval plan are highly individual; always assess and tweak as you go to make it fit your own needs. The … Read More

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