Portrait of a Graduate – Isocrates on the goal of learning

You know I like to ask what education is for and what it truly is. So, I’m loving The Great Tradition: Classical Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being because it’s basically a giant book entirely made up of essays written on that question throughout history. Today’s excerpt is a list of what a “graduate” should look like. What is the point of education? It is to prepare people for life. Even modern progressive education seeks … Read More

We need to know what we’re after. – Xenophon on education

If we start off on this homeschool journey with no idea what education is, why we’re doing it, or where we want to be at the end, we’ll flounder, frustrated and fickle. We’ll have no idea whether what we’re doing is working or if we’re doing a good job. We have to have a measuring stick to determine if we’re straightened out and moving forward. A measuring stick has a beginning and an end. Every Most Wednesdays here in 2016 … Read More

Practicing early home education – Plato on preschool

So often it is the mothers of three-year-olds, maybe five-year-olds, who are most concerned with educational principles and theories and practices. I know I was. My commonplace quote from today justifies this preoccupation. The Great Tradition: Classical Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being is a collection of the writings about education from Plato to the modern era, the writings that have informed the development of western civilization and classical education. Teaching does not begin with … Read More

What makes a good teacher? – Plato on learning & teaching

I’m reading The Great Tradition this year, and posting about it as I go. I’ve had a few people ask about a schedule, but I’m not committing to anything but slow progress. I’m taking a page from Brandy on slow reading and sitting down most days to read two or three pages at a time. Today’s commonplace quote is from page 4. I told you I am reading it slowly! This selection is from Plato, the first philosopher on education … Read More

A teacher must pay attention.

What is education? I love to collect quotes on what education means. Definitions are important, because without them we can be using the same word but with entirely different understandings of what we’re talking about. Without understanding what it is we’re trying to do each and every day with our children, we flounder and fall back on our defaults – what’s easiest rather than what’s best. Knowing definitions is utterly practical. CH057: A Teacher’s Attention So today’s quote, still from … Read More

The reason for education

Last year my word of the year was virtue. Talk about an overwhelming word of the year! In that post, I wrote: Virtue is the goal of classical education, which is my “day job” as a homeschooling mother. The goal isn’t the math lesson, the goal is growing the person doing the math lesson. Virtue is not only knowing Christ, but acting like it. If we know Christ, we must act in accordance with Him. Virtue is becoming Christlike. Virtue … Read More

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