Contagious Conviviality: Counting little blessings – Simply Convivial

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It’s so easy to be caught up in our own heads and to-do lists, letting the pretty, happy, funny, and real bits of life fly unnoticed over our heads, leaving us wallowing in remembrances of mostly our bad moments. It takes effort and grace to be present in the moment, but it is only when we are that we notice the little seemingly-insignificant details that open a world of love and humor and happiness in family life. The happiness of … Read More

Desiring the Kingdom Book Club, week 8: Lifestyle Matters More Than Lessons – Simply Convivial

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This week we’re discussing the final section of chapter 3 in Desiring the Kingdom. Here I really was and am quite curious about what the participants had to say about last week’s reading, but even though it was a break week for us, I was too caught up in keeping life here spinning to go read and comment properly! I still do intend to come visit and chat on those posts, though. Summary: A Multisensory Orientation to Life Today is … Read More

Contagious Conviviality: Catching smiles – Simply Convivial

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~ Capturing contentment and contagious conviviality in everyday life. ~ Though I have a pretty family, I often do not look at them with a happy expression nor respond to their funny antics; this is a real temptation, a real opportunity for sanctification. Smiling Begets Love Smile at each other, smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other — it doesn’t matter who it is — and that will help you to … Read More

A Word for 2014: Habitus – Simply Convivial

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I think that picking a word to be your year’s theme is a neat idea, and Habits was a solid anchor for 2013. I didn’t get my list of habits all engrained, but I did work on them all and improve. Most notably, making my bed really is a habit now! I am now a person who makes my bed every day. That is a huge success for me, a keystone habit that proves to me that progress is possible. … Read More