Hidden Art of Homemaking Book Club: Artsy Art

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Photos in this post are my sister’s, Melanie Thompson, whose paintings are available on her website. I love her work, because she provides a way of seeing this amazing arid desert that we call home as beautiful, when it is despised by many as barren and ugly. This post is part of Cindy’s Hidden Art of Homemaking Book Club for chapter 4 on painting, sculpting, sketching, and the like. In this chapter Edith explains how someone with a talent for … Read More

Some Hidden Art: The Milkmaid – Simply Convivial

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One of my little spots of beauty is particularly applicable here because it is hanging in my house after acknowledging my own taste and limits and also because it itself communicates Hidden Art. I have always liked Vermeer’s painting The Milkmaid. I love how it portrays womanly, homey beauty. The milkmaid herself is pretty, but strong and not particularly thin. She’s attractive, but not preoccupied with herself. There’s the table, which is dressed with cloth and crockery but not “just … Read More

Hidden Art of Homemaking Book Club: Cultivating Artful Living

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Ordo Amoris Book Club: Edith Schaeffer’s Hidden Art of Homemaking, chapter 2: Hidden Art Convivial Contribution #1: Created to Make Beauty In the second chapter, Mrs. Schaeffer defines her term “hidden art”: I would define ‘Hidden Art’ as the art which is found in the minor areas of life. We don’t have to be great artists or study great artists to grow in creativity and artistic expression. Mrs. Schaeffer wants to encourage us not to pursue the fine arts, necessarily, … Read More

Hidden Art of Homemaking Book Club: Created to Make Beauty

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Ordo Amoris Book Club: Edith Schaeffer’s Hidden Art of Homemaking, chapter 1: The First Artist I will have been married for 12 years come July, so I suppose it’s been 10-11 years since I first read *The Hidden Art of Homemaking. I remember loving the first two chapters, being ready to be inspired, and then feeling deflated by the end. None of her practical application chapters resonated with me at that time, as a newlywed, newly-twenty-something. None of them seemed … Read More

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