Holiday Interval, week 2: Make Purchases

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Yes, it is Thanksgiving Week, and we don’t want to eclipse this holiday with Christmas preparations, but the more that can be done before December even hits, the more calm and relaxed December will be. Because it is a holiday week, you might have more time. If you have a day or two or maybe the whole week off, then you can use that time to get a few of those purchases on your gift list secured. I’m a big … Read More

Holiday Interval, week 1: Make Your Lists

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Interval planning is my strategy for keeping my head in the game and focused on what needs to be done. And that’s exactly what we need during the Christmas season: To see what needs to be done and then do it, realizing it’s a short-term crazy-time that we can manage, and allowing ourselves a rest after it’s over. I like to make my interval plans six weeks long, and so that means starting my holiday plans this week. Now, I’m … Read More

Leisure as a State of Soul | Leisure, the Basis of Culture, chapter 3

Chapter 3 is the pay-off chapter. I barely comprehended chapter 2, but chapter 3 was excellent and clarifying. In reading it, bits and pieces I’d picked up here and there were brought together and tied together with a beautiful bow. Even if you aren’t following along, chapter 3 is worth reading as a stand-alone essay. However, I must say that as I read more, I become more and more annoyed with the translator’s use of punctuation. Leisure as a state … Read More