An Interval Plan for the Holidays

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I’m a proponent of making short-term plans and goals – ones that can be tracked and kept top-of-mind easily. I call it ‘interval planning’ because I think it’s like interval training: Go all out for a short amount of time, then take a rest period, and you’ll progress more than if you just slog through at a consistent but slower rate. The holidays provide a perfect example of and opportunity for an interval plan. Christmas is six weeks out, and … Read More

Easter, Simply Celebrated – Simply Convivial

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Decorating I love the idea of decorating for Easter, but haven’t really made it happen yet. Someday I want a wooden cross with the appropriate color sash draped on it, some sort of Easter (but not Easter egg) wreath, and a branchy tree with eggs and maybe these art hangings. Circle Time Hymns: Ah, Dearest Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Low in the Grave He Lay O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus Christ … Read More