Sixth Grade Plans | 2016-2017 School Year

Second time through sixth grade for me! Sixth grade is the beginning of middle school, and Jaeger’s work will begin increasing in difficulty. A few of his assignments might stretch him, but I think it should also be rewarding – we don’t want just gruel and grind, we want challenge and reward. He’ll also get a step up in independence, but with plenty of accountability along the way. In Susan Wise Bauer’s terms (<—- I love that talk), he’ll be … Read More

Eighth Grade Plans | 2016-2017 School Year

Eighth grade. Hard to believe. When planning eighth grade, perhaps more than any other grade, you have to consider what your plans are for the following years. Will you choose a day school high school? Then your year must focus on ensuring they’ll be ready for tests, specific studies, and homework. Will you homeschool high school? Then your year should include training for independent study, writing instruction, and making sure you’re ready for whatever extra requirements your state might have … Read More

My own homeschool audit – with the free guide!

Friday was the homeschool audit workshop and we had a great time! You can still sign up and get the download and replay so you can work through your previous homeschool year and your own feelings and responses to what did and didn’t get done. Then, based on thinking through what happened this year, we can start working out solutions and strategies for next year based on our own real-life situations. I thought I’d share some parts of my own … Read More

Do a homeschool brain dump.

Our school year is over and I know many of you are also winding up. There’s something about the last month of lessons – no matter when that last month is. The paper piles seem higher. The dust and bits seem to multiply from the corners faster. The chaos builds quicker. Maybe when your school year is over you want to totally abandon all structure and routine. Maybe you relish digging into those piles and throwing out as much as … Read More

5 Sanity-Savers for Homeschooling Moms

As homeschooling moms, our sanity is vital and often at-risk, isn’t it? Here are five strategies I have for keeping my mental and emotional buffer padded. Homeschooling Lists in Abundance During this month of homeschool lists we’re starting with the essentials, and even more essential than the book lists (which, I know, are quite important), is mom’s sanity. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And if the kids aren’t happy, they probably aren’t learning very well. We can do … Read More

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