2018-2019 School Year Plans: Elementary Plans for the 8 & 10 year olds

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I suppose my two middle kids would be in 3rd grade and 5th grade respectively, but as homeschoolers we know that such labels mean little when it comes to individual students; and it’s individual students we’re planning for and teaching. These two make a good pair to teach together, like my older two did, during the elementary years. So I’m combining them here in this planning post as well. When I was working through Plan Your Year Autopilot, I made … Read More

Classical Education’s Demands (Norms & Nobility Notes, ch. 1, III)

Although my book club just finished reading and discussing chapter 4 of Norms & Nobility, here on the blog I’m taking a slower, more ruminant approach so that I can sit with these ideas longer and so that you can follow along with me without pressure. Previous: Classical Education’s Delight, chapter 1, section 2 Next: chapter 1, section 4 planned for June 26th Our aim in education should be virtue – not only knowing what is good and true and … Read More

Our 3 Year History Cycle & the books that make it work

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History should never be boring. History is the study of people – and people always have stories. Stories of individuals, stories of battles, stories of cultures, stories of legends – history is inherently fascinating and relevant. Dates are secondary to people. Dates are useful insofar as they help us place people in the right place within the flow of the story of history. So, of course history should be told as a narrative, for that’s what it is. History is … Read More

What are the liberal arts?

I am almost done reading The Liberal Arts Tradition, but I know I have at least two more posts in me for this one. I feel like I understand the liberal arts aspect of classical education so much better now, and that foundational understanding makes it easier to make choices come spring curriculum-planning time. I so much appreciate how the authors draw out classical education as a stream with each section. They cover each liberal art (and everything else they … Read More

History Without Lesson Plans for Early Elementary

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I have such a hard time answering when someone asks the seemingly simple and small-talk question, “What are you using for history?” The answer feels like nothing and everything. Nothing because I’m not using any prepackaged or planned history curriculum. Not AO, not MFW, not CC, not SOTW, nor any other acronym. There is no one cohesive plan. We don’t have any time reserved on the schedule for “history” as a subject. Everything because this year we’ll be listening to … Read More