What’s Working: Abby’s Interval Planning Routine

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Planning intervals has helped me set realistic goals, take stock of the season and make progress on projects. My intervals are about 12 weeks long, with special intervals for the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Year) and April when we take time off as a family to work on the family ranch for lambing. Right now I am planning for the summer or harvest season, which runs from about Memorial day to a little after Labor day. The big change … Read More

Cleaning House While Homeschooling

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Cleaning and I have a complicated relationship. I am naturally a Messie. I can easily cultivate my oblivion to the state of my house as well as my disdain for the menial, always-needing-to-be-redone work. But I am slowly, continually, reforming – repenting. After all, I know Elisabeth Elliot is right when she writes: “The beauty of Thy peace” is a worthy thing to strain after, and the way I keep my house is not unrelated. Moreover, it is one way … Read More

Start Your Year Well with Interval Planning

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The New Year seems like a great time to make resolutions and goals. There’s a whole new calendar just waiting for action. But one whole calendar is a long space of time. Is it really smart (or SMART) to resolve to do something for 365 straight days or 52 straight weeks? What happens if we miss one day or one week in March? Is the entire year blown? Of course it isn’t. One way to avoid setting ourselves up for … Read More

An Interval Plan for the Holidays

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I’m a proponent of making short-term plans and goals – ones that can be tracked and kept top-of-mind easily. I call it ‘interval planning’ because I think it’s like interval training: Go all out for a short amount of time, then take a rest period, and you’ll progress more than if you just slog through at a consistent but slower rate. The holidays provide a perfect example of and opportunity for an interval plan. Christmas is six weeks out, and … Read More

Interval Planning: Keeping Laser Focus

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Leverage the interval training technique in your personal life by setting up your calendar in intervals and planning goals accordingly. Planning and executing in short-term bursts is a great way to keep laser focus and high energy. By always keeping short deadlines and tackling manageable chunks, you can avoid overwhelm and procrastination. Make the Interval Plan The components of an interval plan are highly individual; always assess and tweak as you go to make it fit your own needs. The … Read More

Interval Planning: Don’t Skip the Rest Period

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Breaking up your year into intervals is a simple way to sharpen your focus and stay engaged with projects and the things that need to be done to keep life at home rolling along. Instead of looking ahead over an entire year and making goals, try looking only at the next six weeks. What has to happen in the next six weeks? That’s a lot more clear usually. The truth is, you don’t know what your life will be like … Read More

Interval Training Strategy: Making an interval plan work for you

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Use the theory behind interval training to maximize your planning effectiveness. Just as runners train and gain strength and endurance by running in short, intense bursts and then going at a slower pace for awhile, so we can follow the same pattern in our day-to-day lives. Breaking up your year into intervals, with rest periods in between, is a great way to keep your head wrapped around what you have to do and also keep up your energy as you … Read More

Realistic Goal Setting: Interval Training

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Often when we plan out our goals, we think in year-long chunks of time, either personal goals in January or academic goals in August. If you’ve ever done this, perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s really difficult to keep those goals. A cycle I’m familiar with goes like this: Commit to a huge life-overhaul, personal transformation sort of goal for the year. Go for it gung-ho for two or three weeks in January. Burn out in February. Forget about it in … Read More