Interval Planning for Growth

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The problem with much of the productivity and planning advice out there is that it begins with a vision for a 5-year outcome. When we as mothers at home try to do that, we are rather at a loss. We might not even know how many children we’ll have in 5 years. If your oldest is 5, you’re not likely to accurately foresee what it’s like to have a 10 year old – and the same is true if your … Read More

Life is Exercise: It’s ok to be tired. – Simply Convivial

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You are a runner. Running requires effort and makes you tired and out of breath. That is a sign that you’re doing it, that you’re moving, not that you’re failing. You are a runner, so you will become tired and out of breath; therefore, keep at it. My son, when you’re tired and gasping outside, don’t give up. That’s you getting stronger and faster. Stay with it, keep going, and grow strong. And, when you are tired of apologizing and … Read More